1st Epi – Doosri Maa 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Yashoda helps Krishna

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The show starts with the ambulance rushing patients to the hospital. Reporter tells about the accident, as 50 seater bus fell in the valley. Krishna, the little boy looks on stunned and runs inside the hospital. He asks the guard to let him go inside to his mother and runs inside. He couldn’t find his mother there and asks where is my mother? The ward boy pushes him as he brings the patient on the stretcher. The boy falls down and shouts Maa. Yashoda is shown doing puja. She comes to her father in law and gives him tea. He blesses her. She checks his diabetes and asks him not to have tea. She calls Arvind and asks him to take Mahua and his tea. Arvind asks her not to tell loudly. She says ok. She helps the girls brush their teeth. She gets a call about the bus’ accident. She comes to Ashok and informs him that the bus fell in the valley. He says I will drop you. She tells that she has made food for everyone, says Astha has done her hw, and get drawing book for Nupur. She comes back. He says I will drop you. She says you have to drop the girls to school. He applies bindi to her forehead and asks her to go. She smiles, takes her purse and is going. Amma comes and gives her prasad. Yashoda tells her about bus accident and says she is going to help them.

She comes to the hospital and asks the workers to see that their organization can help the patients, and asks them to call Ramakant to withdraw the cash from bank. She says shift Shrivastav to another hospital. Krishna collides with her and stops to hear her. He says my Maa is missing and tells that they came here 3 days back for his Maa’s treatment. He says he had gone to get free food, and when he returned, his mother was not there. She asks the guy Atul to help him. Krishna asks Yashoda to help him and says only you can help me meet my mother. Yashoda asks him to come, and tells that she is Yashoda and asks his name. He says Krishna Mala. He says you have kept your mother’s name. She goes to the administration office and comes to know that Mala was shifted to corridor due to the shortage of beds, and she is very ill, can die at anytime. She threatens the administration officer to shift her to ward else she will complain. He says ok. She comes out and tells that she will not let anything happen to his mother. Krishna hugs her. They come to the corridor and find her missing.

Krishna says where did she go? Yashoda says she might have gone out to search you. They go out and sees his mother falling down and fainting. She meets the doctor. The doctor tells that her condition is critical and they might need to do surgery. Yashoda asks them not to worry about money and asks to save her. The officer says who will sign, as the boy is small. Yashoda asks about her husband. The officer says she don’t say. Yashoda says she will talk to her. Krishna asks her not to go. Yashoda says she will come back once his mother gains consciousness. She is on the way to go home and talks to Ashok on call. She asks if Bua ji was upset. Ashok says Amma will handle him, you are doing a good work. She asks him to go else judge will take his trial.

Arvind asks Mahua to come, before Babu ji comes. Babu ji scolds Arvind. Mahua takes his blessings. Arvind says he is dropping her to school.

Yashoda comes home and takes Babu ji’s blessings. Babu ji says don’t make food today, as stomach is filled with waiting time. Yashoda says she thought to make lauki kofte. He asks her to go and make it. Amma asks yashoda about the patients. Yashoda says condition is bad. Amma asks her to have halwa. Yashoda says she has to go again in the afternoon. Kamini comes there and asks for sugar. Amma asks Yashoda to give. Kamini asks yashoda to make tea also and says this is advantage of staying near Amma.

Yashoda comes back to hospital and meets Mala. Krishna tells Mala that Yashoda helped her get the bed and started her treatment. He sits down and thanks Yashoda. Yashoda says God will make everything fine. Krishna says there is no God. Mala asks him not to say like this. Krishna says Yashoda Madam is good than the God, she is getting you treated and also visible to us. Yashoda asks Mala about her husband. Mala is quiet. Krishna is upset. Yashoda asks Krishna to have something and gives him money to have food, and bring tea for her. Krishna goes. Mala tells Yashoda that she has brought up Krishna alone. Yashoda asks if your husband is no more. Mala nods no, and tells that destiny separated them. She says actually we were not married, and Krishna is our love child. Yashoda asks if love memory of both. Mala says yes and says he is in this city, I have to come here due to my illness. She says if anything happens to me, then Krishna will be alone. She says he hates his father and refused to see his pic. Yashoda says why Krishna will see him. Mala says it is not his mistake, his family didn’t agree. Yashoda says I run an organization and will get his info. Mala says don’t do this. I have come for him, and sent letter to him.

Ashok is seen reading Mala’s letter and gets shocked. Yashoda asks do you think that he will come and meet you. She says the guy who didn’t come before, why will he come now. She asks her to promise that if he don’t come, then keep Krishna in the orphanage, says I will be relieved that Krishna is near his father.

Ashok tells the other lawyer that Mala left a letter for him and left the city. He says she didn’t think about me before leaving, my destiny was good that I found Yashoda who has handled my life beautifully. The other lawyer Manoj says you shall find out, why did she return? Ashok says I can’t ruin my present due to my past, I have a loving life and two lovely kids. Manoj says Mala has written that she can’t be saved. He says 10 years have passed, and she might want to meet you to apologize to you. He says if she was not in this condition then I wouldn’t have asked you to meet her. Ashok says if Yashoda or anyone sees me then? He says half of the city knows me. Manoj says you are a lawyer and can go to hospital easily to wind up the past.

Ashok comes to meet Mala in the hospital and looks at her. Mala also looks at him. He sees Yashoda coming and talking to Nurse. He is about to turn and leave, when Yashoda sees him.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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