Actor Mishkat Verma on Anandibaa Aur Emily going off-air

Actor Mishkat Verma on Anandibaa Aur Emily going off-air

TV show Anandibaa Aur Emily which premiered in July is now all set to go off-air. The show featured actors including Jazzy Ballerini, Kanchan Gupta, and Mishkat Verma in pivotal roles.

Mishkat talked about it in an interview with BT and said, “I would not want to sound sad or pessimistic about the show wrapping up. It was a new concept and the entire team tried something different and we gave it our best. It hasn’t worked, so you feel a bit upset but then you move on to the next project. So, I would like to thank producer Vipul D Shah for this opportunity and am glad that I got to play an interesting role.”

When asked about the possibility that the show did not connect with the masses because of the early evening slot, he replied, “I don’t feel that a time slot decides the connect with viewers. A prime-time show is expected to do better than the early evening slot and so I feel that makers try newer concepts, but audiences decide whether they like it or not. The show had some great comic moments and interesting scenes. I am now focussing on newer opportunities. It is better to look forward than keep getting sad over the fact that the show is wrapping up. It was a great time shooting for the show and we worked hard.”

Anandibaa will wrap up by the end of this month. Banni Chow Home Delivery will replace Anandibaa for the time slot.

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