Ajooni 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni couldn’t complete her karwachauth

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Scene 1
Harman comes to Dolly and says don’t try to harm Ajooni anymore. Dolly asks if she is gone crazy? Harman says just be nice with Ajooni. She asks her to iron Ajooni clothes for Karwachauth tomorrow. Dolly is angry but she gets an idea.

Ajooni wears the dress that Rajveer brought for her. Rajveer is mesmerized seeing her. He says you are looking so pretty, he holds her hand and pulls her closer. He is about to kiss her but the door knocks. Santo comes there and says Bebe has called Ajooni. Rajveer says really? Ajooni smiles at him and leaves.

Ravindra is talking to Rajveer but he keeps staring at Ajooni. Ravindra teases him and says you are a romeo. He asks him to go and do the work. Rajveer is about to trip so all laugh at him. Rajveer leaves. Harman tells Ajooni that you are looking pretty. Ravindra says Harman is behaving nicely. Aman says I will prepare Sargi. Bebe stops her and says you don’t need to keep a fast. Aman says harvinder will get remarried soon so please let me do this ritual last time. Ravindra says let her just do it. Bebe says fine and asks Aman to get ready.

Harman and Bebe start the Karwachauth rituals. Harman asks them to do sargi. Rajveer comes there too. Dolly bumps into Ajooni and her sargi falls down. Bebe says this is a bad omen. Rajveer picks up sargi and tells Ajooni that it’s okay. Harman says I will prepare another sargi. Bebe says no, you can’t do it again. Ajooni can’t eat again, it’s about Rajveer’s life. Rajveer says but she hasn’t eaten since night. Bebe says she has to fast without sargi now.

Scene 2
In the morning, Rajveer jumps from the window and enters the room. Ajooni asks what are you doing? Rajveer brings food for her and says you can eat it. Ajooni says I can’t eat it now. Rajveer says it’s okay, you can eat it. Ajooni says I have kept this fast for you so I want to fulfill it fully. Rajveer smiles and holds her hand. Harman calls her so Rajveer sighs. Ajooni laughs and leaves from there.

In the evening, all are preparing for the karwachauth rituals. Bebe says let’s prepare for the pooja. Dolly silently changes Ajooni’s mesh. All family members look at the moon. The women start doing their husbands’ aarti. Rajveer smiles at Ajooni. Ajooni looks at the moon from her mesh and is shocked to see it’s all black. She gets worried. Bebe sees that and asks what is this? Ajooni says I don’t know, I couldn’t see the moon and Rajveer. Bebe says this is a bad omen. You are useless. A guest says she might not have wanted to fast. Ajooni cries hearing that.

PRECAP – Ravindra shouts at Harvinder that we don’t give divorces to our women so Aman will stay in this house only. Rajveer tells Harvinder that I won’t let you do what you want. Harvinder points a gun at him and says you and wife has done a lot against me, I will kill you if you try to stop me now. Ajooni comes there and is shocked.

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