Ajooni 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni gives a good news to the family

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Scene 1
Mangi is looking at the decorations, Dolly arrives there and says I am here for papa’s birthday. Harman meets her and asks why have you lost weight? you might be in pain there? Dolly says I have a surprise for you. Harman says let’s come to my room.

Dolly comes to Harman’s room and shows Ajooni’s photo with doctor Avinash. She says there is something fishy going on, I never saw that man’s photo anywhere else in their house. Harman says he came to check Aman yesterday, Ajooni even went to see him off. Dolly says let’s confront her then. Harman says not right now, this is a big trick so we will use it on the right time. I will make sure that Ajooni gets thrown out of the house now.

Ajooni is getting ready, Rajveer stares at her. Ajooni can’t put on a necklace so he helps her and starts to leave but Ajooni says I want to tell you about that doctor. Rajveer says enough, I am begging you to not create a scene today, it’s Ravindra’s birthday. He leaves from there.

Harman comes to Ravindra and does his aarti. She says will you announce Harvinder’s wedding at the function today? Ravindra glares at her and says I don’t need to ask you about what to do. He asks her to get lost. Harman is scared and leaves.

Harvinder is welcoming everyone to the party. Shikha arrives there with her family too.

Ravindra comes to his goons who have kidnapped the man who took Harvinder’s picture. Ravindra beats him up and asks his goons to take care of him.

Scene 2
The party starts, Ravindra says I want to give a good news before starting the party. It’s important for us to have an heir to continue our family. We are unfortunate that Aman couldn’t become a mother so I have decided to re-marry my son Harvinder to Shikha. All clap for them. Aman is hurt.. Ajooni sees that and says stop, this marriage can’t happen. All look on. Ajooni asks Aman to tell them what she found out. Aman says I am pregnant. All are surprised. Ajooni says Aman is pregnant with this family’s heir so there is no need of remarrying Harvinder. Ravindra asks Aman to repeat it, Aman says yes I am expecting. Ravindra says wow, we will have an heir soon, I can’t believe it. You have totally changed the dynamics. He congratulates Harvinder. He tells Shikha’s family that we can’t do this wedding now. Shikha’s father says how can you do that? Ravindra says you knew why we were doing this wedding. Harvinder says but how can you go back on your words? Ravindra says my words are not final, they change with time. He says Aman had a big heart to even allow you to remarry but she can stop you now. he tells Aman that you have made me so happy, you are our queen now so just order us around. Rajveer brings sweets and offers them to Shikha, she glares at him and leaves with her family. Ravindra makes Harvinder eat the sweets and asks him to smile. He gives sweets to Harman and Bebe. Harman says I promised to go on a yatra, I will go tomorrow, he says okay. Subhash gives an imported pen to Ravindra as a birthday gift. Ravindra says Ajooni takes care of Aman so I can accept this. He makes Aman cut the cake for him. Ajooni is happy.

PRECAP – Ajooni tells Rajveer that Harvinder will become responsible after they have a baby. Rajveer says everyone will change but what about us and our relationship? will it ever change? Ajooni looks on. Dolly thinks I can use Ajooni’s past against her now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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