Ajooni 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni saves Rajveer’s life

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Scene 1
The waiter tempers with Rajveer’s room fan. Harvinder gives him money and asks him to keep his mouth shut. He gets a call from Ravindra and tells him that he couldn’t find Rajveer. Ravindra asks where are you? Harvinder says I am looking around the resorts for Rajveer. Ravindra says tell me when you find him, he ends the call. Harvinder leaves their room.

Bebe prays to Lord and says Ajooni has to stay away from Rajveer.

Rajveer and Ajooni come to their room. Ajooni says you will never leave me right? Rajveer says I married you against everyone, I will never leave you now. Ajooni feels warm so she turns on the fan. Suddenly it spins out of control and falls over Rajveer but she pushes him away. Ajooni screams for him. Rajveer faints after hitting the floor. She asks him to wake up. She asks for help and leaves. Harvinder comes there and checks him, he sees him still breathing and takes a pillow. He starts to kill him but Ajooni comes there so he hides. The hotel staff takes Rajveer from there. Harvinder comes to Ajooni and asks what happened to Rajveer? Harvinder says I was searching for Rajveer, his life is in danger. He puts him in the car and they drive away.

Harvinder brings an injured Rajveer home with Ajooni. All are worried. Mangi tells him that we took him to the doctor but he is okay now. Ravindra tells Harvinder that you couldn’t find him in time, you are useless. He hits Harvinder and asks Ajooni what happened? Ajooni says a fan fell over him. Bebe says Guruji was right, you are a bad omen for Rajveer. Harman brings water for Rajveer, he wakes up and murmurs for Ajooni. Ajooni says I am here. Bebe says don’t take her name, this all happened because of her. Rajveer says she saved my life, she pushed me just in time otherwise I would be gone. He sees a cast on Ajooni and tries to go to her but Bebe shouts at Ajooni to stay away from Rajveer, this is all happening because of you. Ravindra says just calm down, let them rest for now. Mangi takes Rajveer from there.

Harvinder calls Shikha and says Rajveer got saved today. Shikha says we will keep trying. Harvinder says I feel bad as Rajveer is my brother and I am trying to kill him. Shikha says you are so innocent, anything is fair in a war and love. Do you love me? Harvinder says yes and I will win this time. I will involve Dolly in my plan now.

Bebe tells Ravindra that we should tell Rajveer about Guruji’s words. Ravindra says if we tell Rajveer then he won’t listen but we won’t let Rajveer and Ajooni become one. We will tell this to Ajooni and she will stay away from him. She is smart so we just have to scare her. Who should talk to Ajooni? He asks Harman to talk to her.

Rajveer sits with Ajooni and gives her medicine. She smiles at him.

PRECAP – Ajooni tells Rajveer that your support is important to me. He says me too. Harman tells Ajooni that if you become one with Rajveer then he will die.

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