Ajooni 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni isn’t allowed near Rajveer

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Scene 1
Rajveer tells Ajooni that I don’t know what’s happening, things keep happening when I try to come closer to you. Ajooni laughs. Rajveer says I had a chance to spend time with you tonight, I planned this trip but it got destroyed. Ajooni says it’s okay, at least we are safe and back home. She says your plan was very nice. Rajveer says we will go out soon. Ajooni holds his hand and says you are with me right? Rajveer smiles and says always. Ajooni says I just want us to be together. Rajveer says me to.

Harvinder tells Dolly that Rajveer’s life is in danger, we have to do something against Ajooni. We have to put Rajveer in trouble and then put blame on Ajooni. Dolly says what if Rajveer gets hurt? Harvinder says he will lose his life if we don’t separate them. Dolly says okay.

Aman sits with Ajooni and Rajveer. She says I pray that you both remain like this. Rajveer drinks juice. Aman says he doesn’t even eat food without Ajooni. Harman comes tehre and asks Aman to take Rajveer and give him food. Rajveer leaves with Aman. Harman sits with Ajooni and asks about the accident. Ajooni says a fan was falling over Rajveer but I saved him. Harman says Guruji said that if you both become one then Rajveer will die within 24 hours. You have to stay away from him. Ajooni says what? It was an accident. Harman says Guruji is never wrong. Ajooni says we can’t take his words as final. Harman says I am begging you to stay away from Rajveer and save his life. If anything happens to him then you won’t be able to forgive yourself.

Scene 2
At the night time, Rajveer brings cake for Ajooni. He feeds it to her. They both come closer, Rajveer is about to kiss Ajooni but she recalls Harman’s words and moves away. Rajveer is hurt seeing that.

In the morning, Rajveer comes to Ravindra and the party people. They are working for his election campaign. Ravindra says I will have a big rally after winning the election. Mangi says we will prepare for everything. Mangi says our opponent Chadda is using his son and gave him the election ticket. Harvinder says don’t worry, I will take care of Chadda. I won’t let anyone vote for them. Ravindra says now you are talking rubbish, they are looking for a chance to put us in a bad ligjt and you want to beat people up? Harvinder angrily leaves. Ravindra tells Rajveer that I have no hopes from him but I see talent in you, you won’t disappoint me right? Rajveer says I won’t.

Ajooni comes to the mandir but Guruji says I knew you would come because you love your husband. You are a good person but you are not a good wife for Rajveer. Ajooni says how can you say that? Guruji shouts that you are doubting my learnings? Ajooni says I am just questioning because that’s my right. Guruji says you can’t fight your fate, if you go closer to him then he will die. Your kundli doesn’t match with him at all. He will die if you both become one.

PRECAP – Rajveer tells Ajooni that papa wants me to fulfill his dream and I become a minister, I will fulfill his dream, all because of you. Harvinder and Dolly plan to attack Rajveer. Rajveer comes there and slips on the stairs. Ajooni is shocked.

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