Ajooni 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Aman gets stuck in the lift

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Scene 1
Rajveer asks Ajooni did Avinash come here before too? Ajooni says yes. He says why didn’t you tell me then? Why did you hide? Ajooni says I didn’t hide. Dr. Khanna wasn’t available so he sent Avinash in his place. I tried to tell you but you were busy. Dolly called him. He says wow all coincidences. I don’t like them. He leaves in anger.

Shikha and Harvinder meet. She says this is our last meeting. My parents might fix my wedding soon. You will be a father. He says I love you Shikha. I won’t let you go away from me. She says your dad said as long as Aman is alive you can’t marry me. Harvinder says I will kill her. I have made a plan. Just wait and watch.

Scene 2
Ajooni takes Aman to the hospital. Dolly says take care. They leave. Dolly calls someone and says they just left. Ajooni and Aman come to the hospital. They ask about sonography. The receptionist says the lift is only for the patient. Ajooni asks Aman to go while she will take the stairs after formalities. A ward boy comes in the lift. Aman is alone. Ward boy asks where do you wanna go? She says where is this? he says the third floor. He leaves the lift on the second and says your destination is upstairs. Smoke starts filling in the lifts. Aman comes. Ajooni comes upstairs from the stairs. Aman isn’t here. Aman is fainting with the smoke. The watchman in the security room sees it and rushes out. Harvinder and Shikha come to the CCTV room and watch Aman fainting.

Ajooni looks for Aman upstairs. Aman screams for help. Harvinder says this smoke will kill her and the blame will be on the hospital. People are gathered outside. they say a woman is stuck in life and there’s smoke inside. Ajooni asks what does she look like? He says you can see it in the CCTV room. Ajooni comes there. Harvinder and Shikha hide. Ajooni sees Aman in the video. She cries for Aman. Aman asks the receptionist to do something. She says please do something. Avinash asks is everything okay? Ajooni tells him everything. They go to the lift room. Harvinder’s man locks the lift from the lift room. Ajooni runs upstairs. she falls. Avinash picks her.

Rawinder and Rajveer come to the same hospital. Rawinder tells Rajveer he’s very happy that Rajveer is taking part in politics. They ask about Aman. The receptionist tells them she’s stuck in the lift. Rajveer runs upstairs. He tries to break the liftgate. Harvinder and Shikha hide. Ajooni and Avinash open the lift lock. Rajveer opens the door and picks Aman. He rushes to the emergency room. Ajooni comes to the lift. They tell her Aman is taken to ICU. Ajooni and Avinash rush there. Shikha says is she alive? Harvinder says I will have to check. Rawinder says to Rajveer it was a mistake that I gave Aman’s responsibility to your wife. Rawinder says how are all these accidents happening with Aman? Someone is doing this. Rawinder sees Harvinder behind the pillar. He is wearing a mask. Rawinder calls on his phone and it rings. By the time he comes there, Harvinder and Shikha are hidden.

Avinash and Ajooni come to ICU holding hands because Ajooni isn’t well.

Episode ends

Precap-Rawinder says to Ajooni if anything happens to my grandchild I will burn the world and won’t leave you. Ajooni asks Avinash what happened to the child. He says Aman isn’t even pregnant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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