Ajooni 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aman opens about Ajooni & Avinash’s secret

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Scene 1
Rajveer stops Ravindra from hitting Ajooni and says she is our daughter in law. Ravindra says but she didn’t care about that. Rajveer says I will punish her for that. Ravindra says no, I will punish her and make her an example. Rajveer says no, I loved her and married her. She is my wife so I will fulfill my duty as a husband. Ravindra says I am disappointed in you but you can’t stop me today because nothing is above our honor. Rajveer says you always taunted me for taking my wife’s side but my wife’s duty is on me so I should be punished. Bebe says you are blinded by this girl. Rajveer says I have loved her and if something happens to her then I won’t be able to forgive myself. Ravindra points gun at him and says you care about a girl more than our honor? I can’t shoot you but I will end this matter today. He points the gun at Ajooni and is about to shoot her but Rajveer stands in front of her. Rajveer says I rather die than her, anything for her. Ajooni is shocked to see that. Ravindra says I will shoot you, Rajveer says then do it. All are crying. Ravindra is about to shoot him but Aman says stop.. She says it’s not their fault, it’s my fault. Bebe says what? Aman says Ajooni and Avinash were hiding my secret, they didn’t have any secret affair. I was not pregnant so I lied to save my marriage. Avinash found out so I made Ajooni and him promise to hide it from the family. Please forgive me. Aman tells Ravindra that they didn’t have any affair, they were protecting me. Rajveer is shocked and sadly looks at Ajooni. Ravindra frees Avinash. Rajveer frees Ajooni. Ravindra says sorry to Avinash for beating him up but he asks him to stay away from their family. He glares at Aman and says you have disappointed us. Bebe says just kill her. Ravindra says she did wrong but I will punish her later on. He leaves with the family. Ajooni cries and looks at Rajveer but he leaves.

Shikha hugs Harvinder and asks when will we get married? Harvinder says you know Aman is still alive.

Bebe scolds Aman and says you are useless. You didn’t let Harvinder get married again. How did you get guts? Harman says Ajooni has given her wings, it’s all her fault. Bebe says you are right, she tells Ravindra that we should have thrown her out before only. Ravindra says enough, he asks Rajveer to throw this filthy Ajooni out of the house. That’s my final decision. Rajveer looks at Ajooni and says then my decision is that I won’t leave Ajooni alone, we will live here together or we will leave this house together. Ravindra glares at him and asks if it’s his final decision? Rajveer nods. Ravindra says then pack your bags and leave. Ajooni cries hearing that. Rajveer holds her hand and takes her from there. Bebe is shocked. Ravindra glares at Aman and says Rajveer loves his wife but nobody loves you. You can leave the house alone. Aman is shocked. She pleads for forgiveness.

PRECAP – Ajooni asks Rajveer if he still thinks she cheated on him? Rajveer says I don’t know that but I can’t leave you, let’s go. Bebe comes there and stops him. She says you won’t go anywhere. Ravindra says Ajooni can’t live here. Rajveer says then I will go with her. Bebe says I don’t want to lose my son because of this girl. Ravindra says then choose between them and me, I will not stay here if this girl is here.

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