Ajooni 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer exposes Harman’s plot

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Scene 1
Rajveer gets shot and is dying. All are shocked. Rajveer apologizes to Ravindra and says I don’t have much time. He sadly looks at Ajooni and says anything for you. Ajooni recalls their moments together. Rajveer smiles and dies in front of her. All are crying. Harvinder consoles Ravindra. Bebe says how could this happen. Ravindra says what happened here? His friend says they attacked him. Ajooni rushes to him and says you have to wake up, I kept you away from me then how could this happen? She says I did all the poojas then how did this happen? All are crying. Harman shouts at his friends and says you both were careless, he can’t die. Harman says nothing will happen to him. His friend says Rajveer is no more because of his fate. Harman says there was nothing ill in his fate, Guruji lied on my saying as there was no such thing as Ajooni being a bad omen for him. She shouts that nothing can happen to him. All are shocked hearing her confession. Rajveer wakes up and says I wanted this confession only. Ravindra hugs him and says you are fine? Rajveer says yes. He smiles at Ajooni. Harman is scared. Rajveer says I wanted to hear this only. He calls the goons and thanks them for fulfilling his plan. Rajveer says Harman has confessed his crime. The goon says I am Rajveer’s friend so I would never hurt him. Ravindra slaps Rajveer and says don’t ever do this again. He hugs him and smiles. Ajooni runs and hugs Rajveer, she asks if he is okay? He nods. Rajveer says you people were playing with my marriage but that’s okay? He says everything was a lie today, I was not shot as I was wearing a vest but I had to do this to bring the truth out. Ravindra asks what truth? Rajveer says Guruji’s projection about Ajooni was a lie. Ravindra asks Mangi to call Guruji.

Guruji comes to Ravindra’s house. He is scared and looks at Harman. Harman says I don’t know anything. Rajveer puts a gun at Guruji and asks him to just confess. Guruji pleads him to not kill him. Rajveer says I heard him talking to someone about the lie and did all this to find the culprit. Guruji tells Ravindra that Ajooni is not a bad omen for Rajveer, he tries to leave but Ravindra beats him and says you play with people’s fate by lying? We gave you so much respect and money but you played with our feelings? He brings a hot stick and burns his hand. He tells his men to teach him a lesson, they take him away. Ravindra glares at Harman and says who could plot all this? Only you. Harman cries and says please forgive me, I did a mistake. Ravindra asks Rajveer to throw her out of the house. Rajveer looks on.

PRECAP – Rajveer shouts at Harman and says till I am alive nobody can hurt Ajooni. She is my wife so don’t ever try to hurt her. He says I am dead to you from now on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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