Ajooni 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer asks Ajooni to leave the house

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Scene 1
Aman says papa ji please don’t kick me out of this house. Rawinder says Harvinder told you you can live in this house even after his second wife comes there. You still lied. You broke his marriage. There’s no place for you in this house. Leave. She cries and says papa ji please I beg you don’t kick me. Harman drags her out and says if there’s no place for you in this house.

Rajveer packs Ajooni’s bags. Ajooni says I know I should have told you but I did all this for bhabhi. He says I saved you from dad but that doesn’t mean I forgave you. But I can’t leave you alone either. I can’t live without you. Ajooni says you think I lied? He says I don’t know but I can’t leave you alone. They go downstairs. Bebe stops Rajveer. They’re leaving the house. Bebe says you won’t go anywhere. You will live here. Rawinder says this girl can’t live here. She’s a liar. There’s no place for liars in this house. Bebe says she’s Rajveer’s wife. If he wants to keep her I can’t lose my Rajveer. Rajveer says I can’t live without Ajooni. Rawinder says either I will live here or this girl. Now you decide bebe. Bebe says I am the owner of this house and your mom. NO one will question me in this house. My decision is that Rajveer won’t leave this house. If you wanna go you can. Everyone is shocked. Rawinder says I get it.

Scene 2
Dolly says all our efforts are going in vain. Ajooni isn’t leaving the house. Harman says we will defeat Ajooni. We have to take Rajveer’s love from her. We have to make him doubt her.. We have won half of it. Rajveer will kick her out himself. Ajooni says to Rajveer please trust me. He says you don’t love me. You told this secret to that Avinash. I don’t know what’s in your heart. She says I took his help to save Aman only. He says what about the messages that he liked how you looked, you’re smart. Ajooni says these messages are fake. I didn’t send this. I don’t know who used my phone. Please give me one chance. He says prove that you’re innocent. But in one hour only. Ajooni says but.. He says to prove it in a day. If you can’t then leave this house. Ajooni wonders how will she do it. She says who did all this.

Ajooni calls on Avinash’s number. Dolly has the phone. She says I hear the ringtone. Dolly tries to hide the phone. Ajooni tells Rajveer that someone planned all this. And that person lives in this house. Rajveer drags Ajooni out. He says you cheated on me. I was gonna leave everything for you but you did this. She says your family is doing this. He says stop blaming my family. Who did it? My mom? Grandmother? Sister? Not Avinash? I don’t wanns see your face. Ajooni says the one day hasn’t ended. He says okay then prove after a day or leave this house. Harman says what will you do in a day? Dolly says you can’t prove anything. Harman says now Rajveer will kick you out himself.

Ajooni thinks about what everyone said. A guy calls Ajooni. He threatens her. He says I have many goons. We are all around your house. Just do what we ask. Ajooni says who are you? He says I have your photos with Avinash. I can send those to your husband.

Episode ends

Precap-Ajooni says to Aman I will bring you back in the house. Harman tells Rawinder Ajooni texted Avinash let’s run away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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