Anandiba Aur Emily 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily and Aarav team up to expose Gopi baba

Anandiba Aur Emily 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan saying we should give new bangles to Gopi and get the old bangles. Anandi asks her to forget it. She says we will use this torch on Emily, the spirit will go away, it will get caught in this torch. Emily looks on. Kanha plays flute. She smiles seeing him. She says I was going to call you. He says situation is such that you will call me, so I have come, you are thinking that Gopi did a magic on Anandi, you have to tell her that Gopi is a fraud. She says she won’t listen to me, but you, you are Lord. He says every person has a Lord within, think how to prove Gopi fake, this challenge won’t be easy, but just stay strong. She says sure, this is a battle of truth and I will win.

Emily attacks Jaman in anger. Aarav asks her to stop, Jaman will get hurt, what’s this madness. Emily says there is a spirit on me. Aarav asks her not to play such a prank. She asks him to explain this to Anandi and Gunjan, they think so. He asks how can mummy think so, this baba is a fraud. Jaman says he is fooling them. Emily says we won’t tell anything to Anandi. Jaman says yes, baba has won her trust. She says we will do the same thing with baba and fool him. She asks are you with me. Aarav says yes. Jaman says I m born to support Aarav. She says then be ready, I have a plan.

Anandi gets scared and wakes up. She sees Pinky. Gunjan says Emily would be in deep sleep. Anandi says we will go and use the torch. They hear Aarav shouting and go to see. They see Emily acting like a spirit. Anandi, Gunjan and Pinky get scared. Aarav says my mum can’t make anyone outside the house. Emily says you won’t get saved. Gunjan asks how did this spirit come. Pinky says I don’t know. Anandi says this spirit will kill Aarav. Aarav asks Lord to save him. Emily asks how long will you get saved. She threatens Anandi. She leaves. Aarav smiles and says Lord has saved me, thanks. Anandi says Aarav, we knew it that Emily has a dangerous spirit on her. Aarav asks what, you knew it, this happened with me before, save me. She says baba gave that torch to me, but she broke it. He says then call the baba here. She says yes. He says I m happy that he will come, but I m scared. She asks him to lock the door before sleeping. They go. Gunjan worries. Its morning, Gunjan says we will make Emily out of the house if the spirit doesn’t go. Gopi says don’t worry, I m here. Gulab comes and gets the gold bangles. Guddi checks and says its fake gold. He says she is clever like me. Anandi says forgive him. Gulab says sorry, help me. Anandi says that spirit is trying to kill us, do something. Emily comes and says I will do what I want to do, I will also get a chunri from this coconut today.

She breaks the coconut and shows the chunri, and an iron chain. She says sorry, I got an iron chain for you. Aarav says Emily is doing what this baba is doing, she has a mind, she has used it, we got to know how the baba does small magic tricks and fool us. He explains them. Gunjan says Emily is playing a good game, it means Aarav is with her. Gopi says I m not a fraud, I say what Krishna tells me. Anandi says yes, I have seen his big miracles, we won a big case. Aarav says it was a coincidence. Anandi says I can’t bear my Guru’s insult. Gopi says you aren’t saying this, the spirit is saying this. Aarav says we did that drama to call the baba here and expose his truth. Gopi says you are affected by the spirit, Krishna ji tells me. Emily says fine, after you leave, Anandi will hide this idol somewhere. Aarav says you ask Krishna ji and tell us where did she hide this. Anandi says forgive Aarav. Emily asks do you accept the challenge. Anandi says you are giving him a small challenge, baba’s insult is my insult. Anandi says I will hide this idol, if baba ji tells then you will be punished for doubting him. Gulab says Gopi accepts the challenge. Gopi says yes, we will meet her at the same time. He leaves. Aarav thanks Emily. He says many people will get saved from blind beliefs. Gunjan says Emily will prove herself right. She sees Pinky standing upside down. Pinky gives a silly excuse. Gunjan says I will break your head. Pinky asks what tension do you have. Gunjan says we have to make Emily out. Anandi comes. She says we have to hide this idol, I m sure that baba will talk to Krishna and tell us where did we hide this, where shall we hide it now. Gunjan thinks you have come to give me a trump card, now Emily will leave from this house.

Anandi says take this locket, the jeweler will fix the diamond. Gunjan says the dog has eaten the diamond. Anandi shouts no.

Update Credit to: Amena

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