Anandiba Aur Emily 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily has a good news

Anandiba Aur Emily 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Emily saying Anandi won’t accept me. Aarav says I know that, my mum will never believe you. She says I decided to go back to America. He says don’t do this. She says I decided to go back with you. He asks what, we will go together. She says its final. He says let me dance first, I m so happy. They dance. He is dreaming. Emily comes and wakes him up. He asks was I dancing in sleep. She says yes. He says it was a good dream. She asks what was it. He says if we tell the dream to someone, then it doesn’t get complete, I wish to dance more. They dance and laugh. Kesariya…..plays….

She says listen to me, I decided. He smiles and thinks my dream is getting true. He asks what did you decide. He gets Jaman’s call. She asks him to talk to him. Aarav talks to Jaman. He says Bharat bhai is sending these men to the US. Aarav asks what are you saying, when can I meet Bharat. Jaman says he has come here, come to the hotel. Aarav says morning dream will come true. Bharat is at his travel agency. Aarav and Jaman come there. Aarav is tensed. He sees Bharat and says I have an old issue with him, two years back… He recalls meeting an accident and scolding Bharat. They argue. Aarav punctures the tyres and smiles. Bharat asks what did you do. Aarav pushes him. FB ends. Jaman says it will be a problem. Bharat says this neck pain, once I get that guy, I will kill him. Jaman asks Aarav to come. Bharat says Jaman is my good friend. Aarav says this is my friend, Aarav, he wants to go to America. Bharat says wait. He sees Aarav and says I have seen him somewhere. Aarav worries. Anandi asks what nonsense. Gunjan says she was leaving from Aarav’s room, her hair was spoilt. Anandi says I trust Aarav and my upbringing. Gunjan says you can’t trust Emily’s upbringing. Emily comes dancing and says I have a good news.

She gets dizzy. Anandi asks what happened. Emily says I m getting dizzy since few days. Gunjan makes her drink water. Anandi asks what’s the good news. Emily says sorry, I will tell it to Aarav first, then you have to accept me, I m so happy. Gunjan says congrats, you will be becoming Dadi is a foreigner grandchild, Emily might have trapped Aarav by her beauty. Anandi says no, this can’t happen, keep an eye on him, tell me whenever you get some info. Bharat says a guy broke my neck, if I get him, I will twist his neck. Bharat asks Aarav how would he like to go, with visa or secretly. Aarav says I want proper visa. Jaman says his wife is an American. Bharat says really, then you won’t a visa, you will directly get citizenship. Aarav also does poetry. Bharat says he is also a poet like me, I will get his visa. Aarav smiles. Gunjan and Pinky recall Aarav and Emily’s sleepovers at the terrace. She says Emily broke the promise to Anandi, if we remind this to Anandi, then she will make Emily out.

Anandi scolds Emily and says you are going to give citizenship to Aarav. Emily says I didn’t do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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