Anupama 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Opposes Anupama Studying In Her Institute

Anupama 24th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj gifts college admission form to Anupama and says he wants her to fulfill all her dreams. He says they can’t miss her first day of college tomorrow, there will be Diwali holidays after that. Anupama gets emotional and recalls Vanraj, Toshu, and Pakhi humiliating her on the basis of her education. Anuj says its a 3-month short-term financial course as she has many other household tasks to complete. Anupama asks if she will study at this age. Anuj says there is no age for education and today is dhanteras and education is the biggest wealth. Anupama jumps in happiness saying she will visit college and fulfill her and her father’s dreams. She thanks him for giving him such in invaluable gift.

Pakhi and Adhik wish happy dhanteras to each other over phone. Pakhi says her family is acting norma, but she is sure they want her to marry Adhik. Adhik says they should give them some time. Pakhi says if they give her education as excuse to postpone the wedding, she doesn’t want to study and just wants to marry Adhik and be his wife. Adhik asks if she wants to become a housewife. Pakh says she wants to like Barkha and not Anupama. She feels ecstatic. Anupama dances with Anuj on Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.. song thanking him for his most precious gift. Anuj takes Anupama to his family announces that Anupama will attend college from tomorrow. They all are surprised to hear that and congratulate Anupama for her bold step. Jealous Barkha asks what is the need for that when she is already handling business. Anupama says ther is a need for education and gives a long speech on the importance of financial literacy for a woman. Anuj claps for her. Anupama claps back for him for being too supportive.

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