Anupama 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Leela And Vanraj Convince Kinjal With Emotional Blackmail To Return Home

Anupama 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tells Leela that Vanraj betrayed her, they all shared same knowledge with her and tried to frighten her saying her family and children’s future will be shattered, even then she couldn’t forgive her husband. She says she is not asking Kinjal to do same, but let her take a decision herself. Vanranj and Leela continue to plead Kinjal to return home. Anupama recalls Vanraj’s arrogance and Leela’s same emotional blackmail during her time. Kinjal gives up to their pleas and agree to accompany them back to Shah house. She goes to pack her bags. Vanraj thanks Anupama for taking care of Kinjal and Arya and asks her not to try to provoke Kinjal against them. Leela asks if she wants to see her son and DIL’s life broken and wants to keep Kinjal at her some forever, she shouldn’t interfere between Toshu and Kinjal then. Anupama warns them not to break Kinjal down as she knows what they are capable of.

Leela asks if she is threatening her. Anupama says explaining her mother as she is wrong. She says they are hiding their son’s mistake and think that marriage is a son reforming institute and wife is son’s babysitter. Vanraj gives his evil grin and say Anupama just needs a chance to become a heroine, she shouldn’t interfere forcefully in every issue. Leela says he is right, they are taking Kinjal along and Anupama shouldn’t stop them. Anupama agrees and says if try to manipulate Kinjal, she will barge into their house with her 5-page lecture and sword. Kinjal brings her

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