Anupama 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kinjal Refuses To Separate The Shahs From Pari

Anupama 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Toshu thanks Leela and Vanraj for bringing back Pari and Kinjal home. Vanraj says they brought back Kinjal and Pari for the family, that doesn’t mean they forgave him, his fate is good that Kinjal didn’t take a decision yet and hence he has a chance to gain Kinjal’s forgivance, he shouldn’t lose it as everyone don’t get a second chance. Leela says it takes years to build a choice and seconds to break it, he should loyally win Kinjal’s heart again. Toshu says he will try his best. Leela says let us celebrate navratri festival in a grand way. Kavya says she will get a designer lehanga for Pari. Toshu says little Matarani will celebrate with her whole family. Rakhi enters saying little Matarani will celebrate festival at her grandma’s house. She takes Pari from Toshu and says she is taking her daughter and grandaughter home and nobody should dare stop her. Vanraj tries to speak, but Rakhi warns him not to speak.

Hasmukh says already many fights happened and hence she can discuss the issue calmly and solve it amicably. Rakhi says issue was solved, but Vanraj and Leela worsened it again by bringing Kinjal here. Toshu says already Anupama worsened the issue, its his and Kinjal’s issue which they will solve amicably, so she shouldn’t interfere. Rakhi asks when he can have an affair, why can’t she interfere. She asks Kinjal what did she see in Toshu who is neither intelligent nor handsome and don’t even earn money, but wants to live a lavish life. Toshu says they will solve their family issue themselves. Rakhi says issues are not solved in Rajkot’s hotels. Leela asks why she wants to ruin her daughter’s life in a fit of rage.
Rakhi says one who kicked her god-like husband out of the house sometime ago is talking about ruining a life, she is illiterate but has gained a master’s degree in double standards.

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