Anupama 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Confronts Toshu

Anupama 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Orphanage officers accuse Anuj and Anupama of being careless in taking care of their foster daughter Little Anu and demand to take back Little Anu. Anupama and Anuj get tense hearing that and say they got a wrong information as they love their daughter a lot. Officers ask if the baby was lost some time ago. Anuj says yes but.. Officers say that is it. Vanraj ask if children are not lost in maket or at home by mistake. Officers say they got a call from this house from a man that Anuj and Anupama Kapadia are careless about their foster daughter. Vanraj looks at Toshu’s arrogant face and realizes he is the culprit. Anuj asks officers not to talk loudly or else their daughter will get afraid. Little Anu walks to Anupama and Anuj and hugs them and pleads officers not to separate her from her parents as she loves them a lot.

Officers get adamant and say they are just performing their duty and have to take Little Anu with them until the investigation is over. Anupama says she has 3 grown up biological children apart from Litlle Anu and never faced such kind of allegations, but is being alleged for her foster daughter just because some random man complained, etc. Anuj says their daughter never knew that they are not her real parents, but they highlighted the issue and frightened her. They both, Rakhi, and whole Shah family plead offices not to separate Little Anu from them and each one give present their point. Officer ask not to make them feel guilty, its their duty to verify their complaint and have made sure that they both are the best parents and nobody can separate their daughter from them and someone played mischief. They all thank officers. Officers walk away. Toshu stands frowning seeing his plan failed. They all pamper Little Anu.

Anupama notices Toshu’s frowning face and realize he’s the culprit. She sends Little Anu in and angrily calls Toshu to come in front of him. She shouts at him that he would have stabbed her in her chest instead of trying to separate her from her daughter. Leela supports Toshu and asks Anupama if she has any proof. Anupama says his facial expression is the proof. Anuj asks Anupama if she is sure about it. She says yes. Anuj angrily slaps Toshu repeatedly shouting how dare he is to try to separate him from his daughter. Leela yells if he has gone mad. Anuj continues. Toshu says he didn’t do anything. Vanraj holds his collar and warns him to speak what he saw in his eyes. Toshu accepts to call officers as he wants Anupama and Anuj to suffer like he is suffering. Vanraj warns him to mind his tongue.

Argument ensues. Toshu gets adamant that he wants Anupama to suffer separation from her daughter like he is suffering. Anuj says Toshu is suffering because of his infidelity, he had spared Toshu thinking him as a kid, but now he will not. Vanraj says Toshu betrayed Kinjal and Kinjal took a decision, why is Anupama and Anuj dragged in it.. He scolds Toshu and apologizes Anuj on Toshu’s behalf. Anuj asks Anupama to call Little Anu and leave from here. Anupama says they reap what they sow and warns Toshu that he may face the consequences of his sin.

Precap: Shahs and Kapadias get busy in navrati celebration when someone takes Pari away. Anupama and Rakhi notice Pari missing from her cradle.

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