Anupama 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kinjal To File A Complaint Against Toshu?

Anupama 8th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Toshu picks Pari/Arya and runs seeing Anupama. Anupama runs behind him requesting him to stop. Vanraj and Samar hear her voice and follow it. Anupama asks Toshu to return Pari to her as a baby cannot live without her mother. Toshu refuses to return Pari and says he will take care of her. Anupama says his intention may be good, but his way is wrong; he may love Kinjal a lot, but is hurting her more in this process. Toshu reaches end and notices a Devimaa’s painting on wall. He acts lunatic and warns Anupama to stay away from her, he will not give his Pari to her. Anupama says Devimaa stopped him and he should return another mother’s daughter to her. She warns him that he cannot snatch a mother’s right from her, etc., and insists to give baby to him. Vanraj and Samar reach there. Anupama says if he is a good father, he should return Pari to her. Toshu returns Pari to her. Samar informs Kavya that Pari and Toshu are found and message same to Anuj.

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