Anupama 9th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Paritosh Pleads For Forgiveness

Anupama 9th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Leela supports Paritosh and says whatever he did was due to his fear and love as a father. Rakhi asks if she takes Pari away and says its grandma’s love, will Leela keep quiet. Dolly says Toshu kidnapped Pari and should be prosecuted. Vanraj asks her not to exacerbate the issue while he is trying to solve it. He requests Kinjal to solve the issue among family and not call the police. Toshu says let the police come, he is ready to bear punishment as no father would do what he would do. Anupama tongue lashes him and asks him to accept his mistake and be ready to bear punishment. Vanraj asks why is he like this. Anupama says Toshu betrayed Kinjal, did sin of kidnapping his daughter, and victimizing himself so that Leela can protect his heinous acts.

Leela yells at Anupama if she is scolding her. Jignesh says if Anupama had scolded Leela 26 years ago, this day wouldn’t have arisen at all. Anupama continues that Samar just throws tantrums like kids and counts his sins. Leela asks if her grandson does only that. Anupama asks what else he does then. Leela stands silent. Jignesh asks why she is silent now. Anupama continues to tongue lash Toshu. Toshu says Vanraj had a courage to move on after he did adultery and move on, but he doesn’t as he loves his family and hence they should either kill him or forgive his sins.

Toshu pleads each one present there to forgive him and cries holding Anupama’s feet to forgive him and give him one last chance. Everyone ask him to stop his drama and behave normally. Vanraj lifts him up and says a father’s duty is to forgive his children’s mistake and give up a good upbringing. Pari cries. Toshu tries to comfort Pari and says he wants to become a good father and take care of her; he can sacrifice his life for his daughter, but they can’t forgive him. He says a husband made a mistake, but why should a father suffer. He says Vanraj, Anupama, and everyone have changed since a year, and even he wants to change. Leela says he should get a chance. He continues his long explanation and pleads for forgiveness.

Anupama says Kinjal should make a decision and only she has a right to forgive Toshu or not and nobody should interfere. Leela frowns. Kinjal says she will not forgive him, but Pari’s father will get a chance. She says let her make it clear that they both can’t be together again as he reminds her betrayal and pain, and if he makes a mistake again, she snatched a husband’s right now and will snatch a father’s right in the future. Toshu says he understands and thanks her. Anupama says he made only mistakes in this life and must have done good deeds in previous life that he is getting this chance.

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