Apnapan 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi’s nightmare

Apnapan 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pallavi coming to the kitchen. She sees Sonali. Nick asks Pallavi about the medicine bottle. Sonali acts acting sweet. Pallavi gives the medicine. Pallavi goes to her room. Nick also comes. She asks him to take medicine. He gets a headache. She asks him to try the herbal relief. She makes him sit and massages his head. He smiles. He says I know you are angry on me, but I m glad that you are taking care of me. She asks him to try and sleep. He says I will sleep on the floor, its good for my back. She asks really. She smiles. He says I decided it. He makes the bedding on the floor. She thinks your little gestures touch my heart. Gagan and Badal have a talk in the room. Gagan says you stayed changed, how do you know Sonali.

Barkha calls Ishaan. She messages him. Ishaan checks her messages. He calls Manna. Manna disconnects and lies to Barkha. He sends audio messages to Manna. Manna cries and goes.

Sonali talks to Nandita on call. She says Pallavi failed my plan, I had a good chance to trap Nick in my beauty. Nandita says don’t underestimate Pallavi, you and Pallavi have no comparison in beauty, good luck. She ends call. Pallavi wakes up. She looks for Nick. She goes out. She sees Sonali and Nick having a moment in the kitchen. They see Pallavi and get shocked. Pallavi sees Dadi coming. Nick asks Sonali to just hide. Dadi sees Pallavi and Nick together. She asks shall I come in. She jokes. They stop Dadi from going ahead. Pallavi says I will give you water. Dadi asks Nick to have patience, just roka happened, show love after marriage. Nick goes with Dadi. Sonali says Nick just loves me, his mum will know this one day, what will you do then. Pallavi asks her to go and sleep. Sonali says it will be good if Dadi knows this soon. Pallavi shouts Sonali. She wakes up from sleep. She says we are doing this drama for Dadi’s sake, if she knows this, then it will affect her health. She sees Nick gone. She asks where did he go. She goes out to see. She sees Sonali. She hears something. She goes inside the kitchen and sees the video playing on phone. Sonali says sorry, I was seeing a video, I wasn’t feeling sleepy. She spikes the water. Pallavi takes medicines. She asks what do you want, why did you come back. Sonali says I know you and Nick are acting of roka, I promise I won’t tell this to Dadi. Pallavi goes to her room and sees Nick. He asks where were you. She says I woke up, I went to kitchen to have water. She finishes the water. She holds her head.

Dadi worries for Pallavi. Nick calls doctor home. Sonali asks him not to make phone calls. Pallavi comes downstairs and sees Nick and Sonali doing the aarti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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