Apnapan 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sonali drugs Pallavi

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The Episode starts with Pallavi holding her head. Nick goes and get a balm for her. She says you had an allergy with this balm’s smell, so I never used it, I stopped using it, how did you have it. He says actually, I lied about the allergy, the smell is bad. She asks what, you didn’t let me get rid of migraine. He says I wanted to come close to you, and couldn’t come by the balm’s smell. Ajeeb dastaan…plays… He asks her to apply the balm. She sleeps. He says the smell is bad, but its effective, just like your scolding, why are you silent. He sees her sleeping. He says you aren’t a good actress that you slept so soon, really. He sits near her. He takes the balm. He also goes to sleep. Gagan asks Badal to stop the alarm. Everyone wakes up by the alarms ringing. Sonali comes to them. She asks them to come for the puja, Dadi wants everyone to sit in the puja. She goes.

Dadi sees the puja arrangements. She asks Nani to learn it from Pallavi. Nani says you learn from her. Sonali comes and asks for blessing. Dadi asks did you do the puja arrangements. Sonali says yes. Dadi says I thought Pallavi did it. Sonali says good, did you feel bad. Dadi says no, where is Pallavi. They go to see Pallavi. Nick says she is sleeping. Sonali says its fine, let her sleep.

Nick says she got tired. Nani says I will wake her up. Sonali says no, she will get migraine, I know about her problem, let her sleep. Dadi asks is she fine. Gagan gets a call. He jumps happily. He sings and says I got a job. Badal jokes. They laugh. Dadi says Pallavi never sleeps for long, I m worried for her. Nick says she is tired. Dadi says no, she never sleeps this way. Nani says yes. He says maybe she got unwell, I will call the doctor if you say. Sonali says no, we shouldn’t call a doctor, if her sleep breaks, then she can get migraine. Nani says I will just come. She goes. Dadi says I wanted to do a puja with everyone.

Sonali says I had put the alarms for Pallavi and kids, sometimes sleep is deep. Nick says Pallavi always prayed for us, if she isn’t with us, then we should pray for her. Dadi says I feel happy, you are saying right. Pandit asks them to call Pallavi. Sonali comes. Nani asks them to sit in the puja, Pallavi will come soon. She asks Nick to come for puja. Nick calls the doctor. He asks can you come for Pallavi’s checkup, thanks. Sonali says no phone calls until the puja is over. She takes his phone. She takes phones from kids also. She messages the doctor from Nick’s phone. She writes don’t come, Pallavi is fine now. Nani says phone, you keep mine also. Sonali says yes. The pandit does the puja. Sonali smiles and recalls adding medicine in the water bottle. Manna thinks Sonali has no focus on puja, she is strange. Pandit asks them to stand up for aarti. Pallavi hears the aarti and wakes up. She sees the time. She asks how didn’t I get up. Pallavi comes downstairs. She sees everyone doing the aarti. Sonali sees Pallavi coming. She goes to Nick and does the aarti with him. Pallavi cries. Sonali goes to give her aarti. She says I didn’t let anyone miss you, I handled everything. Nick asks Pallavi how is she. The children also ask her is she fine. Sonali says she is okay, don’t trouble her. Nick says changing the diet will relieve the migraine, I will monitor your diet. Pallavi apologizes to Dadi. Dadi says its okay, you had a sleep by peace. Sonali gets angry.

Sonali sees Nick and Pallavi. Pallavi says I want Sonali to leave. Pallavi cries for her kids. Nick gets a call about Gagan’s accident.

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