Apnapan 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Gagan meets with an accident

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The Episode starts with Pallavi asking Nick to take Sonali away. She says I can’t tolerate it, don’t say that mum will know this, we will handle mum. He asks her to calm down, don’t take stress. He says I will talk to Sonali today. Sonali hears this and gets angry. He says she has no looks, but he still loves her. Barkha comes home. She shouts on Manna and runs to her room crying. Sonali follows Barkha. She says share the matter with me, I won’t judge you, I promise. Pallavi tells Lalita about Sonali.

She says I was feeling happy that Nick has come back, I met Harsh and Manna. Lalita asks her to have coffee. Pallavi says no, I have to make Gagan’s fav Aloo tikki chaat first, I feel scared, she made me away from my husband, and now my kids.

Sonali asks Barkha to tell what happened. Barkha says I went to meet Ishaan, he said he doesn’t love me, he likes someone else, he asked me not to message or call him. Sonali hugs her. Barkha says I don’t know I should believe him or not. Sonali says I don’t know who he loves, but you love him, will you give up on your love so soon, you have to get him back, you have to get him and make him realize what he was going to lose, cheer up and start mission Ishaan. Barkha asks how shall I start. Sonali says try any fair and unfair means that takes you to Ishaan. Barkha nods.

She asks anything. Sonali says yes, everything is fair in love and war. Gagan hears them. Sonali leaves. Gagan says love and war, everything is fair in war. Pallavi says Sonali was teaching wrong things to Gagan, I told Nick to make Sonali out. She cries. Lalita hugs her and says time never stays the same, it keeps changing, maybe Sonali changed, you are misunderstanding her. Pallavi says don’t know, I worry for my kids. Lalita says your kids love you a lot. Gagan takes Harsh’s car and says I will go and get the papers from the company, then mum will agree. He leaves. Sonali sees Nick in her room. He says I m really sorry, I came here without telling you. She says no, you have a right. He says I told you before, my mum’s health is serious, listen to me carefully, Pallavi thinks… He gets a call. He drops the phone. She asks what happened. He says Gagan met with an accident. She asks what. She picks the phone and asks the man where did the accident happen. The man says Faridabad. Nick says it means he was going to Delhi. He recalls Pallavi’s words and cries.

He says I won’t let anything happen to Gagan. He hears Pallavi talking to Nani about Gagan. Nani says he is sensible, he will understand. She says yes, he is angry on me. Pallavi says he went on his dad, both of them first get angry and then talk. Sonali stops Nick. She says don’t tell anything to Pallavi. Pallavi says Gagan is angry on me. She jokes and laughs. Nick asks shall we tell her about Gagan’s accident or not. Pallavi says he will come and have hot aloo tikki, then I will go with him to his company, if everything is fine, then I will accept my mistake and let him work, he should come home soon. Nick cries. He goes. Pallavi says I will call Gagan. Barkha asks how shall I win Ishaan’s heart. She hears Nani on call. Nick talks to Sonali. He says I couldn’t tell this to Pallavi, what could I tell her, I didn’t ask them about Gagan, where is my phone. Sonali says you dropped it in the room, so I got it, I will come along. He says no, I will manage. She says you have to do a lot of things, I will drive, you want Pallavi to get another call of an accident, let me drive. He agrees. She smiles and thinks Nick and I are going to Faridabad alone, amazing.

Sonali calls Pallavi and makes her hear Nick. She says Pallavi can’t trust Nick again, she will leave Nick. Nick takes care of Sonali. Pallavi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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