Apnapan 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Nick proves Pallavi innocent

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The Episode starts with Pallavi saying Ranveer, the matter will get more complicated. Ranveer doesn’t listen. Nick says you could have told it there. Ranveer says its our matter. Dadi sees Pallavi holding Ranveer’s hand and taunts. Nick asks Ranveer to come in and talk. Ranveer gets inside. Nick shuts the door. Ranveer thanks him. Nick shouts on the waiter. He says you came to defend Pallavi, say it and get out. Ranveer says no, I came to say the truth, I have an affair with Pallavi, we love each other, I would have married her if you hadn’t come back, kids are close to me, kids love me, this marriage is a drama, she is doing this to show to your mum, she came running to me when I met with an accident, she wrote this letter for me, she loves me. Nick shouts on him and breaks the glass.

Pallavi says Nick is hurt, just get the first aid box, open the door Nick, please. Dadi scolds her. Ranveer opens the door. They get inside and see Nick hurt. Sonali asks what is all this. She tears her saree and ties it to Nick’s hand. Dadi asks are you fine. Barkha rushes to get the first aid box. A letter comes along. Nick picks it and asks whose letter is this. Barkha says there are many envelops in my drawer, maybe this came by mistake. Pallavi says someone is playing a game with us. Sonali says Nick is hurt. Manna checks the envelope and says this handwriting is not of mom, I didn’t realize this before. Barkha says yes.

Dadi says maybe Pallavi changed the handwriting. Manna asks where did you get this letter. Dadi and Nandita say it was fallen there. Gagan says this waiter dropped it. Dadi says he said he has to give it to Ranveer. Nick asks the waiter who gave the letter. Nandita thinks Nick’s kids are smarter than him. She acts of foot sprain. Lalita says come with me, I will massage your foot. Nick asks waiter to say, who gave him the letter. Waiter shows Pallavi. Manna says you are lying, Barkha and I were with mom since yesterday. Gagan says we will do handwriting test and find out the truth. She asks Pallavi to please write her name on a paper. Pallavi writes it. Manna says see the different handwriting on envelops, but the letter has the same handwriting. Sonali says Pallavi might have changed the handwriting, I mean, when the truth has come out, what’s the need of lying. Nick asks the waiter to write. Waiter says but its not my handwriting. Nick says write on it. Waiter writes the name. Manna says see, the handwriting is same. Nick shows it to Dadi. Waiter runs away. Nick shouts and asks him to stop. He catches the waiter and beats up. He asks who made you write that name on envelope, tell me. Waiter apologizes. Everyone comes. Nandita signs Sonali. Waiter signs towards Nandita and then Sonali.

Barkha says Maasi, you… Waiter says no, Ranveer…. Pallavi thinks this can’t happen. Nick slaps Ranveer and asks how dare you, you thought you will tell me fake stories and I will believe it, you know Vishal raised a finger at Pallavi’s character, what I did to him. Ranveer says yes, I did this. Pallavi says Ranveer you… Ranveer says I did the video call to see where you are keeping the letter, you would be thinking I did wrong, I did this for your happiness, Nick can never give you happiness, he has just given you pain and tears, I m leaving, but always remember my words. He leaves.

Nick asks Dadi to see the truth. Nandita asks are you sure now, Ranveer said it and you believed it, he can lie to get close to Pallavi. Nick says I believe my wife Pallavi, I never doubted her, I knew the truth, she wrote the truth for me, she doesn’t need to give me any proof, Pallavi and I have many fights, but I told her, I will keep this relation with truth, I loved her, I married her, she raised my kids, she can never do such a bad thing, I know she gets hyper and doubts me, but she can never do this, she can’t be a liar and fraud, never. Pallavi cries.

He says Pallavi wrote that letter for me, our relation is such, I know Pallavi loves me a lot, she waits for me and cares for me, she keeps fasts for me, I realized this when I was away from her, now I realized this more. Sonali cries and gets angry. The kids smile. Nick says I gave her many chances to not trust me, but my trust was always on her, I will keep this relation with honesty. Kesariya…plays… They hug. Nick says I wanted to prove this to the world, but I regret that you also doubted her, Pallavi loves you a lot, I m hurt that you got her insulted, I won’t let her get insulted, that waiter collided with me and wanted to go away, I suspected him, so I called him, I knew Ranveer lied to me. Shanky says I knew it. Sonali says you said this marriage won’t happen. Nick says I lied to catch Ranveer’s lie. The kids get happy and hug them. Nani says you both can cross any storm. Pallavi takes care of Nick’s hand. The kids sing and tease them. Nani says Kiran, come, we will decorate the mandap again. Sonali goes away.

Sonali threatens Pallavi and asks what will happen of your perfect family. Sonali marries Pallavi. Dadi says you sacrificed everything for the family’s sake.

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