Apnapan 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sonali lies to Nick

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The Episode starts with Mahesh left me, because Pallavi thought there is something between us, she was insecure, I always supported her. He says I understand but this behavior isn’t normal. She says hotel staff was giving some gifts to the couple, I saw this dress and got reminded of Mahesh. She cries. He says I had frustration in me, I didn’t think of you. He sees the wounds on her hands. He says you have hurt yourself. She says I have mental health issue. He says I know, I can’t rectify my mistake, I will handle your medical expenses, I will transfer funds to your account, you need counselling, its my responsibility now that you get treated. She says I have medicines, its in Meerut. He says I will handle everything, you just relax. She smiles. He drives the car.

She thinks you can’t return now, I won’t let your and Pallavi’s marriage happen, its time to repeat the history. Manna comes and wakes up Barkha. Barkha says please 5 mins more. Manna says fine. She goes. Ishaan comes. He says when you open your eyes, just look at me. Manna comes and thinks Ishaan thinks its me. He says Barkha…. Manna stops. Barkha wakes up and sees Ishaan. She asks am I dreaming. She pinches herself. He gives her coffee and donuts. She says I didn’t even brush. He says I don’t care, I m sorry for everything. Manna smiles.

Ishaan greets Manna. He says your friendship is imp for me, so friends? Barkha nods. He thinks if I don’t do this, then you won’t accept my feelings, Manna. Nick gets Sonali to the hotel room. Gagan says I m almost ready. Nick looks for cabs. Gagan asks where did you go. Nick says Sonali isn’t well, I went to get her. Gagan asks what happened. She asks him to worry for himself. He says we should go home. Nick says yes, I got a cab, you leave, Pallavi is worried for you, I will take Sonali to the doctor and then get her, I can’t leave her alone. He thinks I m responsible for her condition. Nick asks Gagan are you fine now. Gagan says yes. Nick says Pallavi shouldn’t know about this accident. Gagan says thanks for coming and saving me. Nick says you’re your dad, don’t say thanks, go safely. Gagan says you also come soon, mum takes tension.

Nick gives him some money. Gagan takes a cold drink and says this will save some money. Gagan leaves. Sonali thinks just wait and watch, Pallavi’s trust will break and she will leave Nick herself. Pallavi waits for Nick. She recalls Sonali. She lights a diya. The wind blows off the diya. She worries. She lights the diya again. Nick sees the time and thinks its too late. Sonali wakes up. He says I thought you are sleeping. She acts. He goes out. Dadi says Nick didn’t come till now. She gets angry. Manna sees Ishaan with Barkha. She says dad might have got stuck in traffic. Dadi says he is doing what he wants, he forgot everything, pandit ji is waiting since long, let him come. Nimmi and the ladies come. Nani asks Dadi to call Nick and scold him. Dadi asks Pallavi to call him. She says you shouldn’t neglect his mistakes, he didn’t come in puja, explain him that you won’t listen to him. Pallavi calls Nick and scolds him on Dadi’s saying. Nick says sorry, I got late. Dadi makes Pallavi say the lines. Pallavi says you break your promise and expect me to understand you. He apologizes to Dadi. He asks what are you teaching Pallavi. Dadi asks him to do video call. Pallavi worries. Nick turns and sees Sonali.

Sonali comes home with Nick. The people question them. Sonali smiles. Nick gets choked and faints down. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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