Apnapan 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Nick apologizes to Pallavi

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The Episode starts with Nick and Pallavi doing the aarti. She gets upset and goes. Nick calls her out. Nani asks her to give prasad. Pallavi goes. Nandita says you were saying about a married relation, about Pallavi, mum was glad, you said good things for her. Nick says I do everything for mum, nothing is imp to me than her health, this puja is also for him. He sees Pallavi and calls her out. She goes away. Nandita thanks Sonali. Dadi gives the ointment to Sonali. Its night, Pallavi recalls Nick’s words. Nick comes and says you wanted Sonali to leave, but all this…. BP medicines…. Pallavi gives the medicines. He thanks her. She stays upset. She recalls Sonali and Nick. He says I couldn’t do anything, its our personal matter, you are my wife. Pallavi says I m not. He says please, really sorry, Sonali’s life isn’t right, she keeps crying, she does sleepwalking, we are responsible for this. She cries and recalls Sonali. She cries. He hugs her and consoles. Sonali gets angry. She comes and gives the milk glasses. She goes. Pallavi doesn’t listen to Nick. Manna sees Barkha talking to Ishaan. She cries and goes to sleep. Nick is on a work call. He sees Pallavi sleeping. Sonali thinks now Pallavi will sleep in peace. She laughs.

Everyone gets a breakfast surprise. Sonali comes and says I have done all the work, have breakfast, I will finish this work, else Pallavi will scold me. Pallavi wakes up late and thinks how did I sleep for long. Nandita says Pallavi needed a maid, so she got Sonali. Nick asks her to shut up. He says don’t say anything when you don’t know it, I m sure Pallavi didn’t tell her anything. He asks Sonali why is she doing this. Sonali acts to faint. He holds her and asks are you okay. She says yes, please have the breakfast, I have worked hard to make it. He asks her to sit down. He gets water for Sonali. Nandita jokes on Pallavi and Sonali. She winks to Sonali. Pallavi says I woke up late again. Nick says you must be tired, I was thinking we will keep a house help. She says no need, kids and I can manage. He says of course, but making Sonali work isn’t right. Sonali comes and says I got ginger tea for you, Pallavi has a right on me. She asks Pallavi to have tea. Nick says you shouldn’t make him work. Sonali says I want to visit Vaishno devi. She acts good. Pallavi looks at her. Sonali leaves. Nick says she looks normal, but her condition isn’t right, I know what I have seen. Sonali smiles. Nick says you don’t ignore me, don’t be silent. Pallavi thinks to find out, is Sonali really ill.

Nick eats something and faints down. Chachi ji comes home. Pallavi welcomes her and says Chachi ji is going to Vaishnodevi. Chachi ji asks Sonali to come along. Nick compliments Pallavi. They have a moment.

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