Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu’s dream family

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram thinking I don’t want Pihu to know it this way. Tarun comes and sees them. He says sorry. He keeps the drink and goes. Priya asks for the drink. Ram sys no, its for me. She says I want it. She falls in his arms. She says I feel good in your arms. He says me too. Pihu comes and calls him out. He drops Priya down. She says you made me fall. Pihu asks her to get up. Priya says I want to have that juice. Pihu asks her to play with peanuts. Priya hits Ram with the peanuts. Ram asks Pihu to stop Priya, everyone is sleeping. He gets hurt. Priya says sorry, did you get hurt.

She says your eyes are so lovely, you copied Pihu’s eyes. Ram says no. She says you are a copycat, Pihu already knows it. He says I need that drink. Priya stops him. The drink falls. Priya says sorry, I will clean it. Pihu smiles and clicks their pic. Aye zindagi…plays… Priya and Ram smile.

Pihu thinks this bitter medicine did magic, thanks Ganpati for making me meet my family. They take a selfie. Ram asks Priya to sleep. She says you are so boring. He says just sleep, else no adventure tomorrow. She says fine, I will sleep. He goes. Vedika messages Nandini to ask about the plan. Nandini replies wait for some time. Ram thinks I can’t go to her now, things have changed, I don’t know if you will like it or not, if I m with you. He thinks to call Adi and Brinda. He thinks I have fought with them, I feel so lonely. Vedika enters Priya’s room. She takes Pihu and goes. Ram thinks to check once for Pihu’s sake. Vedika thinks she is so heavy, she keeps eating all the time. A vase breaks. Ram looks for Priya and Pihu. Priya scolds Vedika and hits on her head. Vedika runs and hides. Ram sees the broken vase. He thinks did Priya drink again. Ram thinks where did they go. He gets Pihu’s hair clip and Priya’s phone. He sees the car tyre marks. Priya comes to beat him. Pihu says don’t beat him. Priya says no, Ram was going to attack. Ram says no, you are attacking me, where were you. Priya asks Pihu not to beat Ram. Ram says I was scared for you both. Pihu says he is good boy. He thinks she is mature like me. Priya says he looks like kidnapper, please don’t make Pihu away. He says I m not doing anything. She says I have hit someone by this stick. He asks who. Pihu says your apple juice did this, mumma got me out. Ram and Priya argue.

They decide to go on an adventure. Vedika faints there. Priya gets Ram. She says you look cute when you get scared. Pihu says we had no home once, I was scared, Priya made it a happy adventure. Priya says yes, it was our first adventure. Ram sees the surprise. He recalls Priya. She asks why are you crying. She gives him tissue. They have a talk about their past and friendship. Priya faints. Shubham says I got Vedika unconscious in the garden. Shubham says we should have someone to trap if we fall in a problem. Pihu says its your mistake, how did you get this apple juice. He says you gave it to her, its your mistake. She says it was not apple juice, you lied to me, I have a doubt. She scolds Ram. He asks are you scaring me. She says you are already scared. They argue. He says you went on your mumma, I m not talking to you. She asks why. He asks will you talk to me like this.

Pihu hears Ram and Priya arguing. She thinks Ram is my dad. Ram says give me one reason, why shall I not file Pihu’s sole custody.

Update Credit to: Amena

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