Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Nandini emotionally blackmails Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini saying you chose Priya and her family, I have no choice, you are my son, I m your mum, I have to accept your decision. Ram says we lost Shivi, but we have to think of Ishaan, if this happened with Shivi, would we not forgive her, your health is imp to me, just let it go, don’t make your health suffer. She says I have to go from here, its for everyone’s good, Priya will stay here, she will remind me of Shivi, you can’t leave Priya, Pihu is your daughter, she should stay with you, so I have to go, I lost everything, I just have Shubham, division has to happen. Ram says listen to me, I want my family, its incomplete without you, just listen to me, I never asked you anything, don’t break this family and business, it was dad’s dream. He cries. She says I fold hands, don’t make this tough for me, its better that I leave from here, I always loved you more than my kids, you proved that we were never yours, you want me to stay here for your dad’s dream, sorry, I can’t do this, my heart isn’t that big, your heart is big, you forgive people’s big mistakes, just give Shubham his rights, whatever he wants, he has a right to think for his mum. Ram says don’t do this. She goes.

Sandy checks the doll house and says can Shubham do this. She thinks. Krish comes and asks what happened. She says something is wrong. He says it was there in the party. She says yes, Ishaan made it to gift to Ram and Pihu, I called you. He says everything thinks Ishaan did this. She says he didn’t do this. He says I know, but I think there is someone else behind this. She says I doubt Shubham. She tells him everything.

He says this is really shocking, did you tell anyone. She says not yet. He says we will find out who did this, I know someone who can find out how this exploded. She says Nandini and Shubham asked Ram for division, its strange. He says right, I feel this explosion was a plan, we have to find out. Ishaan says trust me. Meera says we know you didn’t do anything. Sara says we don’t know any problems for Ram and Priya. Meera says Shubham has hurt Ram a lot, I m not able to share his pain, our relation isn’t the same, I know Ram won’t let this division happen. Pihu comes and asks division again, I m looking for the word’s meaning. He says it’s an English dictionary. Meera says make the doll house again. Pihu says everyone gets sad hearing this word, tell me. Priya says I will tell you, Pihu has a right to know. She gets a sketch and tears it. She says I have divided this drawing, this is called division. Pihu says this is wrong, Ram loves them, don’t they want us to stay along, doesn’t Dadi like us. Priya says its not imp that everyone likes us. She gets sad. Meera asks them to go and sleep. Priya thinks Meera can help Ram. Ram thinks what to do, shall I divide this and sort it. He sees his dad’s pic and thinks whose opinion shall I take. Pihu calls Ram and asks him to come and meet her at the café. She says I love you Mr. Khadus. He says I love you, I will come. Priya asks is he coming. Pihu says he can’t refuse to me. Meera asks them to come. Pihu says I m feeling hungry. Priya says you should have not told her. Meera says talk to Ram and make things fine. Pihu says he is sad, we will go to café and have cup cake, come. Meera says okay, I think you both should be with Ram. Priya says he sent me home, he needs you. Meera says I m the reason for his sorrow. Priya thinks just you can make his sorrow end. Pihu says I m ready, are you sad. Priya says we won’t be sad, come. She thinks Ram is keeping me away by fear of losing me, I m sending Meera to Ram now. Nandini sees Ram’s pic. Vedika says Sandy kept the doll house, she met Krish, they talked about it and Krish took it. Nandini says Krish can reach us, if he knows we are involved then… Ram was stopping me thinking I m his mum, if he knows I m involved, then… oh no, we can’t lose his money. Vedika says we lost those papers too. Nandini says we have to find out what Ram and Priya are going to do. Vedika asks how. Nandini calls Shubham. Meera sees Ram and says I will go now. Priya and Pihu ask her to talk to Ram and help him.

Meera goes to Ram. She says I will get tea. Ram says no, where is Pihu, she called me. She says she had sent me. She asks him to vent out his complains. He argues with her. She says I have hidden a big thing about your dad, I could have reached you to get help, I didn’t do it, you did a son’s duty, but I didn’t. She cries. He says I got ruined because of you.

Ram says Priya left from my life because of you. Sandy scolds Shubham. Nandini says I will snatch everything from Ram. Priya says this time, I won’t let them snatch my family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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