Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu brings Ram and Priya closer

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu and Krish having a talk in the bakery. Sara gets fresh cup cakes. Sandy comes and asks for her fees. She says you are getting the parents’ custody because of me. Sara laughs. Krish says you all knew this, fine, I would have kept the secret, Ram and Priya wants to stay together but aren’t able to accept. Pihu says Meera asked me to choose mumma. Shubham calls Sandy and asks about Pihu. Sandy asks Pihu to talk to Shubham. Shubham asks how are you Pihu, Nandini wants to talk to you. Nandini says I miss you a lot. Pihu says I also miss you all and Ram. Nandini says I also want to help you, its Dassehra tomorrow, why don’t we keep a party, you come to Kapoor mansion, we will keep a surprise birthday party, you three spend time well. Pihu thanks her. Nandini says I love you. They end call. Nandini says Ram will realize that I m trying to repent for my mistake, his dream of family union will shatter. Pihu says Nandini was missing me, I m in demand. Krish says yes. She says I have an idea. Meera says I got all this for Raavan. Priya says Pihu likes to do all this. Pihu and Sara come home. Pihu says pineapple cake was good. Sara says I will make it next time. Priya says I m making Raavan, you do the painting. Sara thinks why did she get quiet suddenly. Priya says we will call Ram here for Raavan dahan. Sara says great, Priya is ready to do anything for you. Pihu asks really. Priya says yes. Pihu says I want to celebrate at Ram’s house with him please. Meera says I m not forcing them. Priya says I m not sad, when you are happy, you can go, shall I drop you. Pihu says no, don’t come. Priya asks are you hiding something. Pihu says no. She thinks of Nandini’s call. Sara asks will you go there tomorrow.

Priya says its Ram and my anniversary also. Pihu gets happy. Nandini and Shubham bring Ram home, and surprise him. He sees Pihu. She comes running and hugs him. He says you came here to celebrate, I also want to celebrate, we are keeping a big celebration today. She says there won’t be any mistake now. He says me too. She says I promise I will become a mum like you deserve. Pihu comes in between and says we will go shopping. Meera asks Priya to keep the tiffin for Pihu. Sandy says I called Adi and Vikrant home for meeting, they wanted to have homemade food. Meera says okay. Priya says I m not going to meet Ram, he is busy, if Pihu goes with me, she knows she will get what I can buy for her. Ram asks the man to show the latest styles. Pihu says this is so many zeroes. Ram says I have multiple zeroes in my bank, have anything. Pihu orders the food. Priya comes to the mall to see Ram and Pihu. She thinks Ram didn’t come, and just sent Pihu. Ram and Pihu come. Priya sees him and says wow, I was saying this to Pihu. She asks why did Pihu call me here. Pihu says I want us to twin the clothes. Priya says not from here, I don’t want to waste money. Ram asks how is it a useless expense. Pihu says you both are fighting. Priya says it will happen as Pihu wants. Ram goes to attend a call. Pihu selects a dress for Priya. Pihu hears Ram talking on call. Ram says its my day with Pihu. She goes. Ram says where did Priya and Pihu go, did Priya take her away. Priya asks for Pihu’s help. Ram says she isn’t here. She says I will change this. He says Pihu will get whatever she wants, I can tolerate you, I mean I can help you. Ram helps Priya in zipping her dress. Kesariya…plays… They have a moment. He holds her face with love.

Ram and Priya fall under a cage. Pihu asks them to pose. She clicks their pic. Ram and Priya find Pihu’s temperature, 102, and panic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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