Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya get caged

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram thanking Priya. He goes out. Sara, Sandy, Adi and Vikrant talk about Ram and Priya’s anniversary. Vikrant says Nandini won’t let you do anything special. Sandy says its possible if Pihu is there. Sara says no, she is a kid. Sandy says yes, we won’t use her. Nandini says Ram should think we did everything what Pihu wanted. He gets Sandy’s call. Sandy and Sara talk and make him hear. Nandini says do this also, we have to make Ram sure that we are doing our best. He says don’t worry, we will do this, Vedika will call Ram and take him there. Sandy says it will be much fun tonight. Adi says but we aren’t going. Vikrant says I hope Ram listens to Priya. Ram’s phone falls down. He opens the champagne bottle. Priya comes. He sees her and says wow. She picks his phone. A cage falls down. Ram goes to save Priya. They both get into a cage. The lady says sorry. Ram says I want to go out. Priya says we aren’t thieves. They argue. Pihu asks them to get the flowers. She says I watched a movie, the guy was kissing the girl. Priya says you will show such a movie to a five year old kid. Ram says she was liking the movie. They argue. Pihu insists them to hold the flowers and pose for a pic. Ram and Priya have an eyelock. Kesariya…plays…. Pihu says I will send the pic to judge aunty. The man says this cage will get away in 2mins. The cage is taken off. Nandini gets the pic and replies Pihu. She asks where is Vedika.

Shubham says she would be reaching the store, I can’t believe that Priya told everything to Ram. She says except Ishaan’s truth, Pihu changed the game, we will get what’s ours, I will do it. The lady says you both look good together. Priya scolds them for making a jail. Ram asks her to relax, they are sorry, they are fools, forget it now. He asks them to get out. She asks them not to take their side. Vedika calls Ram and says we have to go for the meeting. Ram says Adi went. She says no. He says I m with Pihu now. She says company CEO is upset, you can handle this, we will come back before the evening function. Ram agrees. He says I will celebrate with my daughter, I will go and change. He leaves. Priya asks what happened, are you sad. Pihu says a little bit, you look so upset. Nandini gets Pihu and shows the decorations. Pihu asks wow, did you do this, good job, NK, she doesn’t look Dadi. Nandini says yes. Shubham says so sweet, we planned many surprises. Everyone comes and meets Pihu. Pihu says Shubham and NK planned something. Sara says you got to know Pihu so well in such a short time. Nandini asks where is Priya. Meera taunts her. She asks Pihu to call Ram as Papa. Sandy says Ram can wait. Ram says we finished the meeting, we are coming home. Nandini says okay. She says Ram will come in half an hour. Pihu says he is taking time. Meera says we will make Raavan face. Ram thinks to call Adi and then doesn’t call. Vedika says I got a new route, we will reach in 15 mins. Ram thinks I will surprise Pihu, I will show her that she is a hero’s daughter. Vedika thinks its 1 hour 15 mins, you won’t reach your daughter today.

Pihu says I have made Raavan. Priya clicks the pic. Pihu says tell Ram that I m waiting, we will burn the Raavan when he comes. Sara says you didn’t tell our secret to anyone. She shows the holiday tickets and says we will convince them some way. Ram says we will get a gift for Pihu. Vedika says gifts are my weakness also. He says costly ones, I remember. She says I thought I have no place in your life, I want the best for you. He gets Pihu’s pic and laughs. He asks driver to drive fast. He asks why is it taking time. Vedika asks did anything happen. Nandini says Ram got stuck in traffic. Priya says we will have an adventure. Meera says we will do something our way. Priya thinks Ram come soon.

Ram and Priya dance. Ghar more pardesiya…plays… Pihu wishes them happy anniversary.

Update Credit to: Amena

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