Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram reaches the function

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Vedika getting stuck on the way. He says how will I reach there. She says sorry, I thought it’s the fastest route. He gets Priya’s message, do come in an hour, Pihu is waiting. Nandini and everyone talk to Pihu. Meera tells the story of Dussehra, the good winning over evil. Nandini gets hurt. Pihu cares for her. Nandini thinks Priya think of more excuses. Ram is still on the way. Priya gets Ram’s message… I m stuck in traffic jam. Meera says Ramayana would have not been there without Hanuman, whenever there is Ram, there is Hanuman. Priya thinks right, I know how to save Ram from this problem. Vedika messages Nandini and asks her not to worry. Nandini asks Priya to sing a song. Priya sings Ghar Morey pardesiya… Sara and Sandy also dance with Priya. Priya imagines Ram.

Ram makes a late entry. Nandini gets shocked seeing him. Pihu and Priya smile seeing him. Ram comes with his friends. Ram calls Pihu and hugs her. Brinda says Priya called Adi and Vikrant and said Ram got stuck in traffic, so they booked a private helicopter and air lifted him, it wasn’t easy without Vedika. Nandini says wow, very nice, well done Vedika. Priya says Ram had to come, you heard it, truth wins in every times, we didn’t forget this, so we do Raavan dahan, come for Raavan dahan.

They burn the Raavan. Pihu says I m your happiness, right, we will do what love will say. Ram says okay. Priya says but Pihu, there is nothing like before. Pihu says I don’t think so, I felt bad that I wasn’t there, my wish got true today. Ram asks what wish. She shows the video to them. She celebrates their anniversary. They cut a cake. Pihu feeds them the cake. Priya thinks I will always face the troubles.

Priya and Pihu talk at night. Pihu says I m double lucky, you are my mumma and Ram is my dad, if I get both together then…. Priya says I know you want a lot, I m really sorry, when you grow up, then you will understand that many times, elders can’t do what they want, they get distance between them.

Ram, Adi and Vikrant drink. Adi says I missed you a lot, I knew just Priya can do this. Brinda says we didn’t know about Pihu. Ram asks didn’t you know anything, what about the dates. Vikrant says it can be a typing error, I would have told you, but Sara stopped you, you would have not known it from Nandini. Ram says no, I got to know it before. Adi asks how. Ram says in a way that should have not happened.

Ram thinks I have to find out what Priya is hiding. He asks the lawyer about someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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