Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini telling Priya that they didn’t love Ram with their heart, but they hate her with their true heart. She says last time I sent you for 5 years, but this time I will make you leave for forever. Pihu tells Ram that they love him a lot and wants to stay with him always. He says even I love you a lot. Priya asks Nandini why she didn’t love Ram, even after staying with him for so many years. She says he loves you so much. Ram comes inside and hears Priya questioning Nandini. Nandini replies that she loves even now, not Ram but his money. Ram is shocked. Nandini says you said right that Ram is living a lie, he feels that his family loves and cares for him, but it is not truth, truth is what you are trying to tell him since so many years, he didn’t agree as his mother comes first for him. She says I come first for him, I have been emotionally blackmailing him since so many years, and he didn’t know as he is habitual to it, and he thought my depression drama as real. She says what a great actor, I am. She says I accept that he loves you, but he worships me, he doesn’t know that I don’t love him, but loves his money. She laughs.

Ram hears everything and calls Nandini as Maa. Nandini and Shubham are shocked to see him there. Ram asks Nandini if she is joking. Pihu asks Ram to take Priya from there. Ram tells Priya that she was right, and says sorry for not believing her. He says I never thought that you accuse anyone falsely. He says I have lived this lie as truth. Nandini says Ram. Ram tells Priya that whenever he used to hurt her, he used to feel bad, and he would have thought always that his dad would be like his dad, but today he feels that his mother used be like her mother. He says your father is not perfect, but I wish your family was mine. He says money can’t compensate for love. He says Industrialist Ram Kapoor has failed, I used to think myself as smart and today I came to know that my money, business and name are biggest curse of my life. Nandini says listen to me. Ram says I swear that I loved you both truly, and says you was my life, my hope, identity etc. He says it was my mistake, that my love lost. He says Dad must be disappointed with me, if I was a good son then you would have loved me and wouldn’t have acted. He says you would have told me once that you want money and property.

He tells Shubham that he would have given them everything. He says I have earned this money everything for Maa, Shubham, Shivi and says Priya and Pihu came later. He removes his chain, watch and gives it in Nandini’s hand along with his wallet. He says sorry for wasting your time. He says can I ask you something, if you loved me truly even for a moment. Nandini drops the things from her hands. Priya asks Ram to come. Nandini says I accept that you think that I have done wrong with you, but think about the helpless woman who lost her husband and had responsibility of two children, says whatever she did was for her two children. Ram says you have three children. Priya takes Ram from there. Nandini cries as she is exposed.

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