Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram finds out about Ishaan

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Priya making the waffles. Ram asks Pihu to have it. He asks how is it. Pihu says I will work in kitchen like Tarun and earn money. Ram says I have money, you don’t need to work. She says Priya didn’t tell me about it. He says Pihu is my responsibility, this isn’t needed, what do you want to become, tell me. Pihu says I want to become a pilot, now I want to become like Tarun. Ram asks is Tarun her idol. She asks him to sit and calm down. They argue.

She says you think running a bakery isn’t a respectable job. He says I mean my daughter will get educated, she will not work in kitchen, I don’t want her to get any burns. Pihu asks them not to fight. She asks him to wash the utensils. Ram goes. Priya says kids teach parents what the world can’t teach them. Ram and Priya have a moment. They see each other. Pihu clicks their pic.

She says you both look cute. Sandy comes. Ram asks why did Ishaan go to police station on Janmashtami day. She asks what, did Priya get him there, she didn’t tell us about it. Priya comes and asks what. Ram says Sandy also wanted to have the waffles, I will wash it. Priya says let it be. She thinks why is Ram lying, why doesn’t he want to come. Ram and Pihu watch tv. He says if Priya knows about this, then she will scold me. He asks Pihu to watch cartoons. She says I want to watch movies. He says Priya looks scary when she scolds, I m scared of her scolding, but you should call her Khadus. He makes her sleep.

Ram thinks Priya is hiding something, I have to find out. Meera and Sandy say the day was nice, Priya united Ram and his friends. Priya says I wish I could tell Ram about Nandini and Shubham, I wanted Ram to patch up with his friends. Meera says Matarani will accept your wish, I m going to sleep. She asks Priya to check the pamphlet. She goes. Priya checks the school brochure. Sandy gets the cake. Priya says I don’t want it, thanks. Priya thinks to send her bio data. She checks Shubham’s mail. Sandy says it’s a daily thing, Shubham asks for his personal expenses, how can we tell this to Ram. Priya thinks how to help Ram. Ram meets the officer. The man says Shubham has changed. Ram says right, you have given us a chance to rectify mistake, that’s great, I called you for dinner for some other matter, Ishaan is a 18 year old boy, I wanted to know, if he had come to police station. The man says no. Ram asks him to cross check and find out. The man says if he did anything illegal, then I can’t help you. Ram says its nothing like that, I just wanted to know. Ram thinks why did they stand there and talk, I will find out. Priya says once I get a job, I will shift from here. Priya talks to Ram on video call. Ram checks Pihu and says she has 102 fever. He asks Tarun to get the car ready. Priya says no need, she will be fine by wet cloth, just get Tarun on call, everything will be fine, don’t worry. He shouts Tarun. She asks him to keep a wet cloth ready.

Ram and Priya get drenched under rains. She says I was relieved that you will be happy without me in your life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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