Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

One hour before:

Ram and Priya meet with an accident. Pihu calls Ram but his phone was on the road. Krish calls Priya. Her phone is also on the road. Shubham asks Nandini to do something. Nandini says everything is finished, we shall beg in front of him. Shubham says we will not beg in front of me. She says we can’t live without his money. Shubham says they shall kill Ram like Ram’s father killed his father. Nandini says you will not do this. Shubham says Ram will not forget what we have done with him. Nandini cries. Ram and Priya are in the hospital. Nurse tells Doctor about them and tells that they have informed his mother. Doctor asks Nurse to take them to OT. The nurse tells that they are holding each other’s hands. Krish pacified Pihu. Pihu says my parents look good together. Nandini comes there with Shubham. Meera says they are in ICU. She says our kids will be fine. Priya’s family asks Krish what happened in the farm house. Krish says today Ram came to know about Nandini’s truth which Priya was trying to tell him. He tells that Priya’s injuries are more than Ram’s injuries, but his injuries are untreatable. Ram takes Priya’s name while he is on the operation bed.

(Imagination scene) He imagines searching Priya and Vedika coming there and telling him that his mother used his dead sister to use him. She says her emotions are fake as he is step son. She says she is feeling bad for him, as he didn’t see Vedika’s true face and thought that she will love him always. Ram says you are crossing the limits. Vedika says I married Shashi to get a lavish life, and says she is better than Nandini. She says you are always special to me, I didn’t use you like Nandini did, I love you but I needed money. Ram calls Priya and says switch on the lights. Vedika says I still love you. Ram leaves her hand and goes. He searches for Priya still and asks where are you? Shubham comes and says I want to tell you something. Ram says don’t call me Bhai, and you don’t deserve to be Shivi’s brother too. Nandini comes there and says he has defeated. Ram says I didn’t lose, you have lost. Nandini says you are alone in this darkness, your Priya is not with you, she is away from you, you came to know about our truth, we thug you and you dont want to believe it. She says your life is fake. Ram says I dont want to hear, I need to talk to Priya. Vedika comes and asks him to face the truth.She says darkness is everywhere. Ram says I will fix everything and asks for his phone.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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