Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Feels Upset

Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie emotionally asks Agastya if Yuvan will get well if his wrong medications are stopped and replaced with right medications. Agastya nods yes and says he knows a psychiatrist who can help them. Yuvan breaks down hugging Viraj and saying Manini is right that Yuvan doesn’t deserve Banni as Banni considers him as a child and Agastya as a man, so Banni deserves Agastya and not him. Viraj thinks he understands Yuvan’s pain and love for Banni, but he has to be selfish to get his 50% property share for Charmie and his baby’s sake. He manipulates Yuvan saying Yuvan is right and should sacrifice Banni for Agastya.

Banni continues to feel happy and thanks Agastya holding his hand. Yuvan walks in and feels more upset seeing that. Family walks in next. Yuvan stands at a distance. Devraj asks him to go near Banni. Nurse informs that only 1 person can stay with Banni overnight and asks name to enter in a pass. Devraj says Yuvan will. Yuvan hesitates. Charmie agrees to stay. Yuvan says even he will. Yuvan tries to leave while Devraj tries to stop him. Banni says let him go as he is tired serving her since morning. Devraj takes Yuvan along. Yuvan gets cries recalling his and Banni’s emotional attachment earlier. Agastya feeds food to Banni and himself bites some. Banni cleans his lips.

Yuvan reaches home and asks Devraj to go and rest now. Devraj leaves. Yuvan cries vigorously. He notices Banni’s tiffin and recalls the event where he notices Yuvani written on the tiffin and Banni says they both are bestfriends forever and would never be separated. He cries saying Yuvan and Banni were always bestfriends and never husband and wife, he knows Banni would leave Yuvan soon and go away from him, she will go away with all the tiffins, but he will not give her this tiffin.

Banni asks Agastya to go home as Charmie is with her. Agastya says she need not worry as he wouldn’t become blood-sucking dracula at night. She laughs on his jokes and gives him highfive. He feels happy. She gets conscious and draws her hand away. She requests him to get her out of hospital soon as her customers would miss her food. Agastya says he already made arrangements with a hotel. Banni says her customers needs her free love and affection which they don’t find in a hotel food. Agastya says its better than staying h hungry. She receives Yuvan message askingher not to worry about her customers as he is cooking food with chachi’s help. She thinks why didn’t he call her. Yuvan messages again that he is not calling her as Chachi has given him a task. Charmi walks in and asks Banni if she needs a coffee. Agastya asks her to stay with Banni while he brings coffee for them. He walks out nervously. Rohan asks if all is well. Agastya asks why can’t he get Banni and her love.

Precap: Banni informs Devraj that Yuvan can get well with an operation. She fears Yuvan may forget her after the operation. Yuvan feels disheartened seeing Banni with Agastya and thinks he will go away from her.

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