Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Invites Banni And Yuvan For A Party

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni asks Agastya how dare he is to conspire against Yuvan. Agastya says she can hit him and do whatever she wants to but just forgive him. Banni tries to leave. Rohan stops her and says Agastya would have done anything he wanted to, but he didn’t because. Agastya stops him and sends him away. He tells Banni that Banni and Yuvan are too good and kind hearted, he wronged them and is feeling guilty. Banni recalls Yuvan’s condition worsening due to Agastya’s conspiracy and tells Agastya that if something happens to Yuvan, Agastya will never sing again in life. She rushes towards Yuvan worried for him.

Viraj notices Charmie taking care of Banni’s tiffin business in her absence and asks how can she support Banni going against Manini. Charmie says she will support Banni as Banni gave her a respect she deserves, she has considered Banni as her jethani and Rathore family bahu now. Viraj notices Charmie having high fever and helps her fill tiffins. He says he is doing it for her and asks if Banni is a magician that she is getting all the family members on her side. Charmie smiles.

Banni takes Yuvan to his doctor and informs him about Yuvan not having his medicine for 24 hours. Doctor scolds her for being careless and asks what if something happens to Yuvan. Devraj and Myra return home playing music and congratulate Manini for Yuvan’s first victory. Manini taunts if Yuvan and Banni didn’t come due to her fear. Devraj taunts her describing how Banni defeated her. Manini stands fuming. Banni and Yuvan describe how Yuvan didn’t panic seeing fire when he didn’t have medicine. She asks if this medicine is adversely affecting Yuvan. Doctor says Yuvan must have felt weak and drowsy without medicine. Yuvan says he felt same though. Banni says Yuvan was feeling confident and under control when he didn’t have medicine. Doctor calls Manini and informs her that Banni is suspecting him.

Banni and Yuvan reach home. Yuvan opens car door for Banni. Banni thinks if doctor was right or not as Yuvan is behaving really well for the first time since she saw him. Yuvan hugs Manini and says he really sang well today. Banni says Manini is blushing in happiness and will shower her blessings over Yuvan now. Agastya calls Banni. Yuvan picks it and switches on speaker. Agastya invites Banni and Yuvan for the a get-together party at a club house.
Banni stands hesitant. Agastya says he will feel they forgave him if they attend his party.
Manini thinks what is happening between them. Yuvan agrees and disconnects call. Banni says he shouldn’t have agreed as they shouldn’t attend such places. Devraj says its a good chance for Yuvan to socialize. Manini says Banni is right.

Banni searches clothes to get ready for the party. Charmie gives her a beautiful sari and says she should look dashing today. Yuvan walks to Banni and says he asked Charmie to buy something for Banni from his first salary, he got first tuition fees and wants Banni to wear this sari. Banni feels happy. Party starts. Rohan notices Agastya eagerly waiting for someone. Banni and Yuvan walk in. Rohan notices Agastya feeling excited seeing Banni.

Precap: During a party, Agastya’s friend asks him to kiss Banni. Yuvan confronts friend and says Banni is his wife and not Agastya’s. Banni falls into swimming pool. Agastya rescues her. Manini tells Yuvan that Banni is a princess and Yuvan is a prince who rescued his princess.

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