Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Fails To Recognize Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni gets sad when the kheer tiffin box falls down and recalls Yuvan’s wish to have her prepared kheer. She fills the remaining kheer in Yuvan’s special tiffin box and heads towards temple. A security guard misheaves with Yuvan when he tries to take laddus for children and pushes him away. Laddus fly in air. Yuvan catches laddus in a thali and says its wrong to disrespect kids and food. He lifts guard, carries him out of temple, and hangs him to a tree and forces him to give laddus to children. Guard apologizes him and requests to free him now. Yuvan cuts a rope with a sickle in style. A girl holds his hand and thanks him. Yuvan ges a flashback of a little girl. He returns to temple and while praying god gets a flashback again and feels severe headache.

Banni reaches temple and walks towards Yuvan. A girl entters temple, runs, and stands behind Yuvan. Banni asks Yuvan why did he get out of the hospital without informing anyone. Yuvan recalls his mother visiting this temple with Bunty. Girl walks in front of Yuvan and performs pooja. Banni says she is Banni and not Bunty. Yuvan says he took Bunty’s name, who is Banni. Banni shatters hearing that. Devraj reaches temple and hears their conversation. Yuvan asks Banni if she knows him, did they meet before. He hugs Devraj and asks how did he become so old and why is he holding a stick. Hemant walks in next. Yuvan hugs him next calling him papa and asks why everyone look changed.

Devraj asks why did he come to temple leaving the hospital. Yuvan says he got a flashback of visiting this temple with mamma and Bunty. Banni thinks who is this Bunty and steps on rose thorns. Hemant asks Yuvan why did he come here from hospital. Yuvan points at Banni and asks who is this girl, she was trying to talk to him. Hemant says let us talk about it later, he needs a doctor’s checkup first and then return home. Yuvan stops seeing Banni in pain, removes thorn from her foot, and ties his kerchief around her foot. He asks if she came with someone, she should ask him/her to take her to hospital and get her wound treated. She says no. He thinks why he feels weird, does he know him. Banni shows kheer box. Hemant takes Yuvan from there.

Devraj asks Banni to return home and walks away while Banni stands disheartened.

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