Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni’s Smart Move Against Agastya

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvan behind a curtain sings Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi… song during Agastya’s ad shoot. Myra records his song while Banni encourages him. Agastya asks his assistant to the boy sing as he is singing well. His staff praise Yuvan’s singing. Agastya asks whoever is behind the curtain to come in front as he should be in Rocking Star competition. Yuvan comes out and continues to sing. Everyone clap for him after his song, leaving Agastya fuming. Yuvan asks if he sang this song. Yuvan nervously says yes. Banni repeats Agastya’s challenge to give Yuvan a chance even if 20 people like Yuvan’s song and asks if he agrees that Yuvan can become a rockstar. Assistants discuss that Agastya even promised to stop judging the competition.

Agastya says they are searching a rockstar, not only talent, even style and swag are important. He asks Yuvan to answer his questions and prove that he is a rockstar. He asks what will Yuvan do if he gets stuck in a controversy. Yuvan says he will seek Banni’s help. Agastya asks what if he stuck in a s*x scandal. Yuvan says Banni will protect him. Agastya asks what if there is an accident during his concert. Yuvan panics recaling fire accident and Banni comforting him. He says he will look into Banni’s eyes and calm down. Yuvan asks if Banni’s eyes will shower water, maybe he will be burnt alive. Yuvan says Banni. Agastya asks everyone to clap for Banni as she is the real rockstar. Banni says he cannot back off from his promise. Agastya says she should save her husband’s dignity as he is dependent on her for everything and a loser cannot be a rockstar. Banni says he promised though. Agastya says he loves breaking promises. Myra records the video. Banni and Yuvan stand disappointed.

Viraj tells Charmie that he felt bad seeing Manini insulting her, but he is sure Banni must have provoked Charmie. Charmie says forget about Banni, doesn’t he feel bad if someone insults her. Viraj says he does, but he is supporting Manini as she will give him property right. Charmie thinks she knows Viraj loves her and Manini will not give Viraj’s right, only Banni can get him his right. Yuvan returns home and feels sad with Agastya’s behavior. Myra walks in and shows video with her showing Agastya’s promise video and then breaking it and humiliating Yuvan, she questions if Agastya did right. She says she uploaded this video in all social media platforms, now boycott Agastya is trending online. Agastya’s assistant watches video and gets tensed.

Next morning, during breakfast, Alpana watches viral video and says its shocking that Banni got Yuvan’s audition and even viralled the video. Vrinda says she is surprised that Manini doesn’t know about it yet. Viraj says Manini still thinks Banni failed to get Yuvan’s auditioned. Banni hears that and asks Charmie where is Manini. Charmie says Manini has gnoe to Delhi. Maini heads towards Delhi hearing about her brother harming himself again at a mental asylum.
Myra shows Agastya’s boycott trending video online to Banni. Banni praises her. Agastya fumes seeing fans boycotting him.

Precap: Agastya questions his fan how can he allow a mentally unstable man participate in a competition. Shows producer announces barring Agastya from judging the competition including Yuvan in the competition.

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