Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Faces Consequences Of His Arrogance

Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra shows Banni a video where fans tongue lash Agastya for his rude and hypocritical behavior with Yuvan and boycott him. Agastya feels frustrated watching the video. His assistant asks him to get ready for the studio and let Shruti and Piya handle the damage. Shruti and Priya watch video and fans sloganing against him outside the studio. NGOs join and demand Agastya’s eviction from the show. Shruti calls Agastya and tongue lashes him for risking a prestigious show with his insensitive and arrogant behavior. She asks him not to reach a studio until they manage the issue. Agastya angrily throws his phone away fuming on Banni. He calls Shruti and orders her to handle the issue until he reaches there.

Mob breaks studio windows and demand to give Yuvan a chance and boycott arrogant Agastya. Shruti thinks Agastya is a fool to visit studio when mob is angry on him. Banni watches news with Dhanraj, Yuvan, and Myra. Yuvan gets happy seeing himself on TV. Banni asks Myra if Yuvan will get a fair chance or not. Myra says he will. Agastya reaches studio where mob surround him. He blames Banni for a conspiracy against him and gets out of his car to handle the issue himself. Mob throw stones on him. Yuvan feels worried for Agastya. Yuvan addresses mob that like they wouldn’t like a mentally unstable doctor to treat them, he cannot let a mentally insane man become a rockstar. He explains a rockstar not just has to sing but also take big decisions and go on concert, he cannot go blank on stage and lose producer’s money, etc.

Mob asks who gave him right to misbehave with Yuvan and asks him to apologize Yuvan for his misbehavior. Agastya refuses to apologize. Mob says he is a spoilt brat of a rich father and a nepotism kid. Agastya shouts he is highly talented and will not apologize. Show’s producer drives in. Mob laughs saying Agastya’s father Param Kapoor is a producer, now its proved that Agastya is a product of nepotism. Param announces to include Yuvan in participation and expels Yuvan from judging the show. Mob feel happy hearing that and praise Param’s unbiased decision.

Banni feels very happy hearing about it. Yuvan happily sings and dances around Banni praising her for her victory. Banni gets emotional. Yuvan wipes her tears that her tears and dreams belongs to him, they both will fulfill their dream and he will do whatever she says. Manini gets a video andcalls Viraj. Viraj says he really doesn’t know how it happened. Manini scolds him for not stopping Banni and orders him to keep an eye on Banni and Yuvan until she returns from Delhi. She thinks her brother is losing his life and Devraj’s grandson is becoming a rockstar, she will not let Devraj win always.

Yuvan tells Banni that Manini would be happy to hear about the news. Banni thinks Manini must be fuming hearing the news. Yuvaan notices an old couple selling flowers and buys flower from them. Old man notices Banni and refuses to sell flower to her. Banni asks what did she do to him. Old man describes how Agastya had helped him by singing in the middle of the road and asking his fan to buy balloons from old man. He accuses her of ruining a good man’s career.

Precap: Param tongue lashes Agastya for his arrogant and insensitive behavior. Banni apologizes Agastya for misunderstanding him. Agastya reaches competition venue. Banni fears if he didn’t accept her apology.

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