Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Flirts With Girls

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni while nursing Yuvan’s injured hand thinks Yuvan cannot physically harass Veer or anyone. Yuvan tries to flirt with her. Banni walks away. Yuvan does yoga with Myra and questions her about Banni. Myra says Banni has only her uncle, aunt, and cousin in her family. Yuvan asks if she has any love interest. Myra asks why is he so interested in Banni. Banni takes milk for Charmie. Charmie informs that Hemant has organized a party tonight to introduce Yuvan to some rich girls to divert Yuvan’s attention from Banni. Banni says she trusts her Yuvan and wouldn’t let him fall for any other girl.

Devraj warns Hemant to stop trying to play with his son’s life as Yuvan is already married to Banni. Hemant says he doesn’t want Rathore group of companies’ future CEO to be behind a food delivery girl. Devraj warns him that whatever he tries, Yuvan’s heart will choose only Banni. After yoga session, Myra asks why he is showing so much interest in Banni. Yuvan says just like that. He thinks if Banni also has feelings for him like he has feelings for Banni. Banni passes by. Yuvan asks Myra to get party clothes for him and indirectly signals Banni to help him. Banni agrees to help him and walks to his room. Yuvan asks what if he likes the girls who visit tonight and he selects one of them. Banni gets jealous and challenges that will not happen. She selects a sherwani for him.

Party starts. Hemant introduces Yuvan to a few girls and asks Yuvan to select one of them for marriage. Yuvan feels nervous. Banni walks in. Yuvan flirts with girls to make Banni jealous. Banni gets jealous and provokes girls against each other. Girls start fighting and reveal that Banni provoked them. Yuvan asks Banni if she got jealous when he flirted with the girls. Banni denies, gives him a news paper and asks him to marry any of news paper models.

Precap: Yuvan tries to romance Banni during party. Later, he lures another girl.

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