Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Reveals His True Intentions

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvan tells Banni that he feels nervous regarding promo shoot. Banni encourages him to never fear and only good will happen to him. Yuvan gets afraid seeing Agastya. Banni asks him not to worry as Agastya accepted their apology and came to cheer him up. Yuvan happily hugs Agastya and says they learnt later why Agastya blocked traffic. Agastya says they should go down for a shoot. Banni feeds sweet curd to Yuvan. Director explains Yuvan that he needs to dance with a model and tell his name in style. Banni serves snacks to Yuvan and other guests. Yuvan fails to dance with the girl. Agastya tells Banni that she apologized him, even he wants to apologize her in a different style by helping Yuvan through his journey at the competition as his mentor.

Banni thanks Agastya and says she is determined to make Yuvan a rockstar by herself. Agastya says music is not as easy as cooking. Banni says cooking is not easy as men think. Agastya says he didn’t mean to offend her. Model falls down and yells that Yuvan failed 10 takes, she can’t break her leg for money and walks away. Shreya asks how will they shoot now. Yuvan says Banni will be his model as he is compatible with him. Shreya says its not possible. Agastya says Banni and Yuvan are each other’s strength and hence they both should do a promo shoot. Shrey agrees. Banni nervously refuses to participate and walks to her room. Agastya walks behind her and injures his hand when Banni shuts the door by mistake. Concerned Banni nurses his wound and asks why did he come behind her. Agastya apologizes for entering her private space and seeing so many medicines ask if she as a medical store at home. She says these are Yuvan’s medicines. Agastya suggests her to agree for a promo shoot as only she can handle Yuvan. Devraj enters and says Agastya is right. Banni agees.

Banni gets ready and joins Yuvan. Yuvan says she is smelling really nice. Director says this dialogue is not in a script. Yuvan apologizes and fails to dance again. Banni says Yuvan will. Agastya teaches Yuvan. Banni hesitantly dances with him. Yuvan insists Agastya to show him once more. Agastya agrees and teaches him. Banni feels awkward. Yuvan tries again. Rohan tells Agastya that he was wasting time on Yuvan, Banni did Agastya job easily. He steals Yuvan’s medicine on Agastya’s order and says only this medicine can control Yuvan. Agastya recalls his insult by his father because of Yuvan and thinks he will have to win and defeat Yuvan to prove his dad that he is worth it.

Precap: Banni tells Agastya that they both have to hold Yuvan’s hand and make him climb a ladder of success. Agastya agrees. Yuvan injures himself while trying to pick a suitcase. Manini watches him and thinks she will see how will Yuvan perform now.

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