Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Continues His Conspiracy Against Yuvan

Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agastya teaches Yuvan to play violin with Imlie’s shoulder as a support. Yuvan tries and likes the idea. Yuvan says its not happening and asks Rohan to take the car out. Banni reminds that he promised to mentor Yuvan. Agastya says he knows and asks them to accompany him. He takes them to a garden and teaches Yuvan there. Banni feels uneasy when Agastya touches her. Agastya and Yuvan fall alseep on a park bench. Ek Dil Hai Ek Hi jaan. song plays in the background. Agastya is about to fall in sleep. Banni supports his head and stops him from falling. Yuvan wakes up and notices that. He asks Rohan to get the car out and drop them back to Banni’s house.

Next morning, Manini notices Imlie not at kitchen and thinks where she must have gone. Charmie apologizes her for sending her to crematorium and not apologizing her and seeks her forgiveness. Manini asks about Banni. Charmie says Banni went to deliver tiffins with her brother. Agastya tries to leave Banni’s house. Banni asks Agastya and Rohan to have tea and go and rushes to kitchen to prepare tea and her tiffins. Rohan says she is always super charged. Charmi calls Banni and describes how she handled Manini, says its easy for her to manage Manini and Viraj and Banni without a worry should concentrate on Yuvan’s training. Banni thanks her.

Yuvan notices Banni working and thinks she is full of energy. Banni asks what is he doing. He says he had gone to washroom and saw her working. Banni gives him tea. He asks if she is preparing food for whole basti. Banni discusses about her home food delivery business and her mother’s dream of a successful home delivery business, she says her mother passed away before she could see her dream coming true, one day she will make her mother proud with her business reaching its heights. Agastya says she and Yuvan are completely opposite to each other, did they have a love marriage. Banni feels uncomfortable. Agastya apologizes her for asking personal questions.

Yuvan asks Rohan if he liked Banni’s prepared tea. Rohan says its amazing, Yuvan is lucky to have Banni in his life. Yuvan says even Rohan is lucky to have Agastya as friend and describes how Agastya is mentoring him even after facing troubles because of him. Agastya hears their conversation and asks Rohan if they can leave now. Banni gives medicine to Yuvan. Agastya notices that and while driving home tells Rohan that Banni looks weird to him and he is sureshe married Yuvan for money. He says he will prove tonight that Yuvan cannot be a rockstar and he was right. Banni rushes towards studio with Yuvan.

Manini questions Devraj if he knows where Banni and Yuvan have gone as their phone is switched off. Devraj says to doctor as Yuvan was feeling severe shoulder pain. Viraj asks him not to lie or else he will go to hell. Devraj says his heaven and hell are both here, Yuvan’s happiness is his heaven and people hindering Yuvan’s happiness is his hell. Manini thinks he will make Devraj’s life a hell. Yuvan reaches studio. Shreya notices his injured hand and asks how will he play violin. Yuvan says by magic. Banni walks to him wearing a beautiful white dress. Yuvan feels happy seeing her. Banni feels nervous thinking she can carry a gas cylinder on her shoulder, but how will she carry a burden of Yuvan’s dreams on her shoulder.

Precap: During party, Agastya’s friend asks him to kiss Banni. Yuvan confronts friend and says Banni is his wife and not Yuvan’s. Banni falls into swimming pool. Agastya rescues her. Manini tells Yuvan that Banni is a princess and Yuvan is a prince who rescued his princess.

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