Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Develops Feelings For Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan senses Agastya’s intentions and warns him to control himself as the path he has taken will lead him nowhere. Banni and Yuvan walk in. Agastya’s friend gets mesmerized with Banni’s beauty and asks who is this girl, she is very hot. Agastya throws him into pool and asks him to cool himself off. A waiter identifies Yuvan as Rocking Star contestant and takes selfie with him. Banni’s pallu flies in air. Yuvan protects it. O Saathi Tere Binaa…song plays in the background. Agastya watches Banni and admires her beauty from a distance. Yuvan manages to protect Banni from embarrassment. They both walk to Yuvan and offer him a gift.

Agastya thanks Yuvan and Banni for attending his party and says he thought they wouldn’t come. Yuvan says the would definitely come after finishing Banni’s work. Agastya praises Banni for being hardworking and trying to create her own identity even after being a rich family bahu. Rohan interferes. Agastya introduces Banni and Yuvan to his friends. Friends invite Banni and Yuvan to play truth or dare game with them. Agastya explains the rules of game to them that they will flip a bottle and on whichever participants’s side bottle stops, they have to choose truth or dare, and if they choose dare, they have to pick a chit from a bottle and finish that task.

Bottle stops at first one participate who chooses dare and picks a chit in which he is dared to punch on a wall 5 times. He does. Banni doesn’t like the game and tells Yuvan they should get out of it. Agastya gets a call and leave. Yuvan’s turn comes next and he is dared to have green chillies. Yuvan agrees, but Banni says he cant tolerate spices, so she will have e chilli on her husband’s behalf. Agastya returns and says she need not do that. Friends insist to complete the task. Banni finishes chilli bowl and experiences severe mouth burning. Yuvan rushes to bring ice cream for her while Agastya offers her water and asks why did she complete that task. Yuvan feeds her ice cream. Banni says she cannot let Yuvan lose at any cost.

Game continues. Yuvan starts feeling drowsy and unable to wake up. Agastya’s turn comes next and he chooses to dare and picks a chit in which its written to kiss the most beautiful thing on his left side. Guests insist him to kiss Banni. Banni refuses to play. Agastya says she cannot escape rules and walking towards Banni picks lilly flowers instead and says he had most beautiful lillies on his left. Friend insists Agastya to kiss Banni. Yuvan gets a panic attack and breaks a bottle on Yuvan’s friend. He says Banni is Yuvan’s wife, nobody has right to kiss her. He continues to feel severe headache..

Friends insists Yuvan to kiss Banni. Banni trashes them. One of them pushes Banni into swimming pool. Banni pleads for help. Yuvan is unable to even get up due to his headache. Yuvan jumps into pool and gets Banni out. Manini with Viraj reaches there and notices that. Yuvan’s condition gets normal, and he brings a towel for Banni. Manini asks Banni if she is fine, she had some work nearby and came to pick her and Yuvan. Agastya calls doctor. Manini notices Agastya’s attention towards Banni and thinks she finally found a way to win her battle. Agastya offers tea to Banni. Manini calls Yuvan aside and says he likes to hear fairytale stories where a prince rescues his princess from troubles, similarly Banni is a princess and Agastya is a prince who rescued Banni from trouble. Viraj asks if Yuvan is a joker then. Yuvan gets angry hearing that.

Precap: Banni gets high fever. Agastya tongue lashes Yuvan for failing to take care of Banni and hopes if he was in Banni’s life, he would have taken good care of her.

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