Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Feels Guilty

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agastya on stage accuses Yuvan of sacrificing his golden mic to prove himself better than Agastya. Yuvan says he is thinking wrong. Agastya continues that his father thinks he is talentless and got fame just because he is his son and even Yuvan is trying to prove same. Banni says he is thinking right, but today he should prove them wrong with his talent and let the audience decide if he is fit to be a show judge or not. Agastya agrees and sings Sadda Haq song. Fire prop emerges from his guitar. Yuvan doesn’t feel afraid with fire. Banni, Devraj, and Myra are shocked to see that.

Agastya completes his performance. Audience clap for him loudly and give him highest rating to be show’s judge. Agastya stands emotional. Banni and Yuvan request Agastya to accept the offer. Agastya agrees and walks away. Rohan congratulates him for accepting the offer. Agastya watches Yuvan happily meeting Devraj and Myra. Media asks Banni if she thinks Yuvan would have clear this round. Banni says she is confident on Yuvan just like she is confident on her cooking skills, Maa Annapurna’s blessings are on her and Maa Saraswati’s blessings are on Yuvan. She says they should encourage specially abled people like Yuvan and help them prove themselves.

Agastya feels guilty for mistreating Yuvan and trying to suppress his talent while Yuvan and Banni were struggling hard to prove themselves. He breaks things in changing room. Rohan tries to calm him down. Agastya decides to reveal his conspiracies to Banni. Banni describes Devraj that she is surprised to see Yuvan not panicking seeing fire and performing normally. Yuvan says even he is surprised. Banni gets Agastya’s call and goes to meet him. Agastya reveals all his sins to suppress Yuvan to prove public and his dad that he is right. Banni gives him a tight slap.

Precap: During a party, Agastya’s friend asks him to kiss Banni. Yuvan confronts friend and says Banni is his wife and not Yuvan’s. Banni falls into swimming pool. Agastya rescues her. Manini tells Yuvan that Banni is a princess and Yuvan is a prince who rescued his princess.

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