Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan’s Secret Plan

Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraj asks if Banni likes Agastya. Yuvan says Banni and even him like Agastya. Viraj says not in that sense, Banni looks more happy with Agastya which is not seen when she is with Yuvan, Agastya sent flowers sensing Banni’s fondness towards him. Charmie calls Viray, and he walks away. Yuvan thinks Viraj is a fool to think that Banni is not happy with Yuvan, Banni will be more happy when he will give her a news about their baby. He goes to Banni’s basti where his students requests him to teacher her a special song for her papa’s birthday. Girl’s father comes and takes her away. Yuvan thinks now he knows how to get baby, Banni will be happy to hear that.

Banni serves food to Yuvan and Agastya. Agastya asks her to join them and let someone else serve food. Banni says her uncle, aunt, and cousin have gone to Jaipur. She feeds food to Yuvan. Agastya tells Yuvan that he needs to focus on his voice projection while singing over mic. Banni serves more food to Agastya says he came here from a long distance to help them. Yuvan says he needs to have kheer also. Banni says she will not have more kheer as he fed her already 3 bowls. Yuvan recalls Charmie saying she got pregnant after submitting kheer to god and then having 5 bowls of it via her husband. He thinks Banni will be surprised after having 2 more bowls.

Banni serves kheer to Yuvan. Yuvan says this is the best kheer I have ever had in his life. Banni says her kheer is her food’s USP and her clients want it at least twice in a week. Yuvan feeds kheer to Bannni while she continues to resist and says Banni is praising her food as she wants Agastya to become her customer. Agastya says she can deliver tiffin to his house from tomorrow then. Banni gets happy. Agastya says Yuvan should seek gift from Banni for getting her a new customer. Banni asks Yuvan what gift he needs. Yuvan asks her to finish kheer bowl. Banni resists but finishes kheer. Agastya feels uncomfortable seeing Yuvan touching Banni’s lips while feeding her kheer and walks aside. He explains that in second round, he needs to sing for a person who has impressed him. Yuvan says he will sing for Banni.

Yuvan thinks once Banni finishes 5th bowl, Banni will become pregnant. He forces Banni to have kheer and runs behind her. Yuvan pins her to a wall and reminds her that she had pinned him down and forcefed him kheer once. Banni says she had done that as he hadn’t had food since 3 days. Yuvan holds her mouth and forcefeeds her. Agastya notices that and asks Yuvan not to do that. Banni says its normal between her and Yuvan. Yuvan feels happy after Banni finishes 5th kheer bowl.

Rocking Star competition’s second round starts. Host explains the rules and calls first contestant on stage. Contestant says he wants to sing for his mother. Agastya invites contestant’s mother on stage while her son sings. Contestant sings Janam Janam Tu Hi Mere Saath Maa.. song. Banni hears other contestants discussing that Yuvan may win the competition as he got Agastya his judge seat back and will gain sympathy votes for being mentally unstable. Banni gets Yuvan ready and asks why he asked her to bring kheer for everyone. Yuvan says its a secret. Banni asks if he will not reveal it to even his Banni dulhan. Yuvan says he will inform about a good news on stage. His turn comes.

He goes on stage. Agastya asks Yuvan who is a special person in his life who changed his life. Yuvan says his wife Banni Dulhan and describes how she make him special, takes care of him, fights with everyone, and how confident he feels when she is around. He thinks he will announce after performance that he and Banni are becoming parents.

Precap: Yuvan gives wrong medicine to Banni and she falls ill. Agastya tongue lashes Yuvan for failing to take care of Banni and hopes if he was in Banni’s life, he would have taken good care of her.

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