Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Is Left Aghast With Yuvan’s Shocking Announcement

Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agastya asks Yuvan to sing Pehla Nasha.. song. Yuvan sings beautifully with Imlie helping him on stage. Everyone clap loudly for him after the performance. Agastya praises his performance. Yuvan offers kheer to everyone. They all like it. Param tells Shreya that Yuvan will get entertainment quotient in this show. Shreya says they should focus on Agastya’s dialogues while he praises Yuvan. Agastya tells Yuvan that everyone liked his kheer. Yuvan says its call Yuvan meethi kheer and he shared his happiness with them as he and Banni are becoming parents. Banni is left aghast with Yuvan’s announcement. Devraj says he never felt so much happy in his life, he would have celebrated if Yuvan had informed him earlier about it.

Yuvan says even he learnt about it until he fed 5 bowls of kheer to Banni yesterday and she became pregnant in the morning. Everyone laugh hearing that. Yuvan says his cousin’s wife became pregnant when she had 5 bowls of kheer via his cousin. Everyone laugh more and mock him. Param says this is their show’s highest emotional quotient highest TRP grabbing episode and asks Shreya to fill tears in host’s eyes and even Yuvan’s eyes and focus on Banni as a troubled wife.

Banni takes Yuvan aside and says child is not born that way. Yuvan with still mic on asks if children are not born after having kheer, then how are they born. Audience mock him again. Yuvan orders technician to switch of Yuvan and Banni’s mics and asks Rohan to stop telecast of this footage. Host shows her sympathy towards Yuvan. Agastya stops her. Param asks Rohan to stop Agastya. Banni cries in a changing room recalling Yuvan’s words and thinks they are joke of the town now. Agastya walks to her and tries to comfort her. Banni walks away saying she is fine. Agastya confronts Param for manipulating the episode for TRPs and mocking Yuvan and Banni’s reputation. Param says this show is his idea and runs on his money, so he shouldn’t dare teach him again.

Yuvan feels sad and plays violin. Banni brings dinner for him. Yuvan refuses to have it. Banni says even she will not have it. Yuvan apologizes her and says he wishes to have a small baby who would call him Yuvan pappa and Banni mamma and would give them surprises on their birthday. He describes how he will pamper his baby. Banni asks him to stop it. Yuvan asks if she doesn’t want children.

Precap: Yuvan gives wrong medicine to Banni and she falls ill. Agastya tongue lashes Yuvan for failing to take care of Banni and hopes if he was in Banni’s life, he would have taken good care of her.

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