Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni’s Plan To Cure Yuvan

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devraj brings Banni back home and insists her to meet Yuvan. Banni hesitates. Devraj says now she knows its not Yuvan’s mistake. Hemant apologizes Banni for misunderstanding her and says she always supported Yuvan while any other girl would have left Yuvan unable to bear so much pressure. He thanks her for being with Yuvan always and blesses her. Myra asks Banni what shall they do next. Banni says they must make sure that Kabir doesn’t completely overtake Yuvan, they should handle Kabir carefully and let him keep Tulika at home as only Tulika can handle Kabir. Devraj opposes. Banni say she knows his concern, but this is the only option they have.

Kabir returns with Tulika and tries to take her to his room. Tulika says she is not his wife yet and would stay in guest room. Kabir agrees. Banni takes Tulika to guest room. Tulika feels guilty to go on a date with Banni’s husband. Banni comforts her and says she is helping Yuvan as a doctor and a doctor can go to any extent to treat his/her patent. Veer tells Viraj that Yuvan is acting as having a split personality disorder to take revenge from them and would snatch whole property from them, so they should make sure to snatch Yuvan’s 50% property. Viraj refuses and says he would support his brother at any cost. Charmie tongue lashes Veer for his wrong thinking.

Banni tells Tulika that as she said, they should get Yuvan back to normal in 2 weeks before Kabir takes over him completely. She seeks Tulika help in recreating the moments she spent with Yuvan and relive his memories. Tulika agrees. Banni gives Yuvan’s dress which he wore during their temple visit and danced and asks Tulika to convince Kabir to wear it. Tulika takes dress to Kabir and asks him to wear it tonight. Kabir asks if she accepted him. She says it will take some time.

Yuvan walks down wearing the dress. Banni plays Prem Leela.. song and dances around him. Kabir gets flashback and dances with Banni. He then pushes her away. Banni continues to dance injuring her feet. Kabir turns into Yuvan and calls Banni. Next morning, Tulika, Charmie, and Myra perform tulsi pooja and pray tulsi maa to not let Banni’s effort go in vain and get Yuvan well soon. Kabir continues to dance with Banni. Tulika walks in to check. Her dupatta catches fire with lamp fire. Kabir gets awoken again and sets off fire with his bare hands. He tells her that a fire snatched his mother from him and he can’t lose her. He hugs her. Banni stands crying seeing all her efforts going in vain.

Precap: Kabir proposes Tulika with a ring and asks to marry him. Banni enters in bridal wear and reveals Kabir that Banni and Yuvan are already married.

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