Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Manini Manipulates Yuvan Against Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni explains Yuvan that its easy to bring children in the world and very difficult to upbring them. She says they should focus on their career first before thinking about children, he shall concentrate on his music and competition. Yuvan says he will concentrate on his career and she can have a baby. Banni says even she wants to take her catering business to new heights, he should image how much his kid would be happy to be called as a big rockstar’s son. Yuvan says a lot. Banni feeds him dinner and says they should focus on fulfilling their dreams first. Devraj feels sad hearing their conversation.

After some time, Banni recalls Yuvan’s announcement on stage while working in kitchen. Manini walks to her and mocks her that she shouldn’t work during pregnancy. She laughs on Banni recalling Yuvan’s making a joke out of himself and her and making them famous. Banni stands fuming. Myra informs her that Agastya came to meet her. Banni thinks why did it come at this time. She meets Agastya and says if he has come to show sympathy, then she doesn’t need it. Agastya says he didn’t come to show her sympathy, he is angry on his dad for manipulating the show for TRPs and mocking Yuvan’s life. Banni says if they try to better their life with love instead of hatred, etc.

Manini acts emotional in front of Yuvan and says she knows he wants a child. Yuvan says Banni is not yet ready for a child. Manini says Banni thinks he is still a kid and not a man enough to take a child’s responsibility. She shows Agastya holding Banni’s hand and discussing something with him. Agastya says he will make the world listen to Banni and hear her feelings. Manini says Banni is wholeheartedly discussing her problems with Agastya and treats Yuvan like a kid. Agastya says he just became Yuvan and Banni’s friend and wants to follow his friendship. Banni asks how. He explains his plan. Banni likes it and says they both will teach everyone a lesson.

Manini tells Yuvan that Banni and Agastya are mocking him and don’t take him seriously. Yuvan says Banni loves him a lot. Manini says Banni told that night belongs to only Banni and Yuvan, then what is a third person doing with Banni; Banni wouldn’t have rejected Agastya’s request for a baby like she rejected Yuvan’s request. Yuvan gets restless and thinks if he becomes a man like Agastya, then Banni will not deny to have a baby.

Next morning, Banni returns home after delivering tiffin. Agastya visits her and stands admiring her beauty. Banni notices him and asks where are others for shooting as per his plan. Agastya says they must be on the way. Banni says let us shoot Yuvan’s video and clarify things. She takes him in and notices Devraj making pooja arrangements. She questions

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