Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Shoots Agvastya?

Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agastya over phone tells Rohan that he is worried for Banni. Rohan asks him not to worry about Banni and go back to sleep. Agastya message Banni if she is fine. Yuvan replies yes. Agastya calls Banni. Yuvan picks call and says Banni is asleep, he is Banni’s husband Yuvan speaking. Servant informs Yuvan that he couldn’t get ice due to power failure. Yuvan says Banni’s fever is increasing and she needs cold compresses. Agastya hears that. Yuvan panics and tries to get out of the house to get ice. Servant tries to stop him. Devraj wakes up and tries to stop Yuvan. Yuvan says Banni’s fever is increasing and she needs ice compresses. Devraj says he will arrange it.

Door bell rings. Devraj thinks who must have come at this time. Agastya walks in with Rohan holding ice box and says he got it for Banni. Devraj asks Yuvan why did he disturb Agastya. Agastya says he overhead Yuvan and brought ice himself. Banni rushes out delusional due to fever affecting her brain asking Yuvan to give her water, open the door and windows as she is feeling hot and gets out of control. She misunderstands Agastya as Yuvan and asks her was he and why did he leave her alone. Yuvan gets upset seeing that. Agastya tries to control her and ties her. Yuvan warns him not to do that. Devraj says even he should help or else Banni will harm herself. Yuvan helps Agastya. Agastya asks him to get Banni’s medical report. Yuvan rushes towards his room when Agastya lifts Banni and rushes her to a hospital. Yuvan gets more upset seeing that. Rohan asks Yuvan bring Banni’s medical report soon.

Yuvan rushes to his room recalling Banni misunderstanding Agastya as Yuvan and notices his medicines on floor. He picks Banni’s file and rushes out and sees Agasyta already left in his car. Driver asks him to get into car as Devraj ordered him to drop Yuvan. Manini manipulates Yuvan that Agastya took away Banni without his permission and is trying to take Banni away from him. She asks if he will let Agastya take away Banni just like that. Yuvan says he will not. He returns to his room, picks gun, and says he is a man now and will not let Agastya just like that and will end Agastya like a man.

Agastya takes Banni to his doctor friend Rahul’s hospital. Doctor checks Banni and orders further tests. Viraj takes Yuvan to hospital and recalls Manini ordering him to provoke Yuvan against Agastya till they reach hospital. He provokes Yuvan that he shouldn’t let Agastya snatch Banni from him. Yuvan says Agastya can’t and heads towards Banni’s hospital room. Doctor informs Agastya that Banni’s heartbeat is slow and he can’t say anything until he gets blood report. Agastya asks Devraj if they gave something to Banni. Charmie says she gave normal fever medicine to Banni, but last dose was given by Yuvan.

Yuvan enters and shoots Agastya saying Banni belongs to only Yuvan. Agastya falls on floor. Yuvan realizes its his imagination and hides gun. Viraj thinks why did Yuvan bring a toy gun. Agastya takes Banni’s report from Yuvan and introduces him to doctor as Banni’s husband. Yuvan asks doctor if Banni will be fine. Doctor says he will after checking report and walks away. Charmie follows him to know exact cause. Yuvan continues to worry for Banni. Devraj takes Yuvan out of room and makes him sit in a waiting area. Agastya holds Yuvan’s collar angrily and says Yuvan was adamant to give medicine to Banni and take care of her, what kind of a husband he is to risk Banni’s life, etc. Devraj slaps Agastya and asks why is he abusing Yuvan. Agastya says Banni’s condition is because Yuvan gave her a wrong medicine. Everyone stand shocked hearing that.

Precap: Banni informs Devraj that Yuvan can get well with an operation. She fears Yuvan may forget her after the operation. Yuvan feels disheartened seeing Banni with Agastya.

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