Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update: The Gorilla releases Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu tells Angoori tear a piece from her saree and make it a rakhi and tie on gorilla’s hand. Gorilla listens to Vibhu very carefully. Gorilla gets angry and starts jumping. Zookeeper tells Vibhu and Angoori that Rajinder wants Angoori to tie a rakhi on Vibhu’s wrist.

Banker tells Anu that his child is only 10 years old and might get lost and asks her how much more time her husband will take to come out of bathroom. Anu says he will come out when he will be done. Bankers asks Anu if he also cleans the bathroom the same time? Anu says, yes, he also cleans it. Bankers says that they should go to bathroom. Anu says, no, he is shy. Anu asks Banker if she should make a tea? He denies her. Anu tells Banker that she’s going to check on his husband. Anu goes to David and tells David to go inside bathroom. David asks her, why? Anu tells him that she told the banker that Vibhu is in the bathroom. So she asks David if he going inside the bath room and talking with him as Vibhu. David agrees with her. Anu brings the Banker to her bathroom and tells him to have a word with Vibhu, he’s inside. Banker calls him from outside. David shouts and asks, who is outside? He says that he’s from bank, and he’s here to get his signature. David shouts that will take 3 hours more to come out. Banker asks Anu, why is Vibhu’s voice like as if he has cold? Anu says it’s been like that since his childhood.

Somebody rings Anu’s doorbell. Anu thinks that Vibhu has arrived and rushes downstairs. Anu goes downstairs stairs and spots Happu Singh sitting on the couch. Anu sits beside him. Anu tells Happu that she thought Vibhu has arrived. Happu tells Anu that Vibhu won’t arrive, because Tiwari has kidnapped him. Anu asks Happu if he’s out of his mind? Happu tells Anu that he thinks that Tiwari is doing something suspicious in his house, because when he went to investigate his house he didn’t allowed him and asked him to get a warrant. Happu takes out a warrant and tells Anu that now he has a warrant ready. Anu asks Happu, why would Tiwari harm Vibhu? Happu requests Anu to come with her to Tiwari’s house, and if he even if he find a finger of Vibhu he will encounter Tiwari right there.

Angoori tells Gorilla to calm down. Vibhu asks Angoori if she will really tie rakhi on his wrist? Angoori says, yes. Gorilla gets joyous and starts jumping. Vibhu says even if this gorilla eat his arm, he won’t let Angoori tie Rakhi on his wrist. Zookeeper says, Rajinder will eat his whole arm. Vibhu says, he doesn’t care and even Angoori also don’t have any Rakhi with her. Angoori says, yes, she’s carrying a rakhi which he bought for her brother Puttan, but he went to jail. Vibhu is left bewildered. Gorilla starts to jump and dance.

Happu rings Tiwari’s doorbell. Tiwari opens the door and sees Happu. Tiwari asks Happu, why is he here again? Happu asks Tiwari if he has killed anybody? Tiwari says, why would he kill anyone? Anu also shows up and asks Tiwari, who did he kill? Tiwari again says, no-one. Happu tells Tiwari that he’s here to investigate his house and pulls out the warrant. Happu searches the whole house and stands beside store room. Tiwari stands in front of store room and tells Happu that in this store there is his personal items and you cannot search this. Anu tells Tiwari that she thinks, you have trapped Vibhu inside this room. Tiwari says, why would he trap him? And says, Vibhu could have gone somewhere and without telling anybody like always do. Happu tries to talk with Tiwari but he tells him to be quiet. So, Happu pulls out a gun and points it at Tiwari, and says when he stays quiet his weapon starts to talk. Anu tells Tiwari to let him search this room also. Tiwari gets scared. Happu orders him to open the door. Tiwari opens the door. The trainer escapes from the window. Happu and Anu gets and finds nobody. Anu says, no one is in this room. Happu says he might be here. Anu says that this room doesn’t smell like Vibhu’s perfume. Tiwari thinks that now trainer has escaped, and he might file a case against him. Happu tells Tiwari that he will talk to him in the police station.

Angoori is trying tie a rakhi on Vibhu’s hand. Vibhu takes his hand backwards. Gorilla starts to pull his hand. Angoori grabs Vibhu hand to tie Rakhi. Trainer shows up and asks, what’s going on? Zookeeper tells trainer to take look what Rajinder is doing. Trainer orders Rajinder to leave Vibhu’s hand. Rajinder leaves it. Vibhu gets relieved. Trainer says Rajinder falls for every beautiful lady. Vibhu tells Angoori that they should leave. Angoori says the same.

Banker is still standing outside the bathroom and asks David, how much mode time will he take to come out? David says, he wont come out until he cleans his whole body thoroughly. Banker asks him, if he went to a mud bath before going inside? David says, yes and starts reciting poetry. Banker tells him to come outside and sign the documents.

Happu and Anu brings Tiwari outside. Amu asks Tiwari, where if Vibhu? Tiwari asks Anu, which idiot told her that Vibhu is with him? Happu tells Tiwari that he got to know that he’s doing some illegal stuff in his house. Tiwari says, he’s not doing anything in his house. Happu tells Tiwari that he’s under arrest. Angoori comes in asks Happu, where is he taking Tiwari? Happu tells Angoori that Tiwari murdered Vibhu. Angoori gets confused.

Angoori tells everyone that Vibhu took her to the zoo. Vibhu says, yes and tells that a gorilla clutched his arm there, and the zookeeper told them that his trainer will come and rescue him. Tiwari thinks that Vibhu is talking about the same trainer he trapped inside his house. Vibhu is spying on Angoori while hanging from her bedroom’s window. Vibhu sees that the same gorilla sitting beside him and is watching him do that

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