Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Tiwari is Saved from Being Exposed.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madan is kissing Angoori’s palm. Vibhu climbs up the window and sees him do this. Vibhu starts crying climbs down all disheartened. Tiwari sees him and gets scared, so he leaves Angoori’s hand. Angoori asks Tiwari, what happend? Tiwari says that he saw Vibhu. Vibhu climbs down and tells Anu that she should get her eyes checked. Anu asks him what is he saying? Vibhu tells her that they are doing romance and they are really into each other. Anu decides to climb up and check them again. Madan and Angoori starts acting different again and Madan tells her that he will protect her at lost cost until, Tiwari comes back. Anu finds every thing okay and clings down. Vibhu asks her, what happened? Anu gets angry on Vibhu, and tells him to come home with her.

Saxena is taking a type class of Teeka, Tillu and Vibhu. Saxena tells them pain is of two types, Internal and External. Teeka asks Saxena, what’s the difference between them? Vibhu tells him that internal pain hurts more than external pain. Saxena appreciates the Vibhu’s answer. Tillu asks Saxena, from what type of pain they are suffering? Saxena tells them that they are suffering from internal pain, he tells them that their heart is causing pain to them. Tillu and Teeka gets scared and starts crying. Saxena tells them not to worry because, every lover goes through it. Vibhu asks Saxena, what the cure for that? Saxena says, he knows the treatment, and asks but who is going to go through it first? Teeka says that he will do the honour. Vibhu asks Saxena, what’s the therapy? Saxena tells him that will find out in few minutes. Saxena takes Teeka with him.

Angoori gets a call from Tiwari’s client. She gets to know that his client wants to give an order worth of 5 lakhs. Angoori asks him, if she can get that order? The client hangs up the call. Madan comes downstairs and asks Angoori, whose call was that? Angoori replies, a client who was giving an order worth of 5 lakhs. Madan immediately takes the phone and tries to call back. BC comes in and sits beside Madan. He sees BC and gets terrified. BC greets him and Angoori. Angoori greets him back. BC asks when is Tiwari returning. Madan starts stuttering and mumbles that he probably won’t return again. BC asks, why? Madan tells him that he got into an argument with Angoori and left. BC says that he actually wanted to give him an order of 10lakhs. Angoori gets excited and sees Madan. Angoori says that Tiwari would love to hear this. BC says, yes, that’s big amount. BC says that he leaving but tells them to inform them when Tiwari comes.

Saxena takes Teeka to his bedroom and asks Teeka to take off his clothes and lay on the bed upside down. Teeka lays down. Saxena starts hitting him with belt. Teeka starts screaming in agony. Vibhu and Tillu hears him. Saxena enjoys beating him. Teeka comes back and sits with Vibhu and Tillu. Vibhu asks Teeka, what happened? Teeka tells them that, all of his pain is gone. Saxena comes in and asks, who’s next?

Vibhu and David are sitting together at tea stall? Vibhu tells David that Saxena beaten him a lot. David asks Vibhu, why did he took the beating? Vibhu says that he had to do it to overcome his internal pain. David asks Vibhu, what happened? Vibhu tells him that, Madan Tiwari’s brother lifted Angoori twice in front of him. David asks him, if they are into each other? Vibhu starts crying. David tells Vibhu that you can never understand a lady. Vibhu tells David that, Madan is probably black mailing her. Vibhu gets a call from Anu. Anu tells Vibhu to come back home to clean the house together for Diwali. Vibhu tells her that he will hire a cleaner a and hangs up the call.

Anu gets angry on Vibhu because he hung up her call. Teeka and Tillu are passing by screaming in pain. Anu asks them, if they can clean her house? Tillu says, why not they will do it. Teeka asks if they should start cleaning right now or after some time? Anu orders, now!

Angoori and Tiwari are standing together. Angoori tells Tiwari that she thinks, BC got to know about him. Tiwari agrees with her and tells her that he saw BC shooting a person in front of him, he’s very cunning. Angoori says that she thought only her brother was spoiled, but Anu’s brother is also a criminal. Tiwari agrees with her. Angoori tells Tiwari that she should call Puttan for the help. Tiwari tells her not to call him, but suggest that they should call commissioner.

PreCap: Vibhu is beating Madan. Vibhu tells him that he shouldn’t have picked Angoori up. BC sees Tiwari and pulls out his gun.
Vibhu tells Angoori that he loves her and Angoori also tells him that she loves him too.
Tiwari also tells Anu that he loves her, and Anu also tells him that she him too

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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