Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Requests To Change his Name

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori asks Vibhu, why is he acting so strange? Vibhu says, he’s alright. Anu asks Vibhu to recite few poetries. Vibhu recites a poetry. Everyone applauds Vibhu. Anu tells everyone that now she’ll recite a poetry. Tiwari gets very excited. Vibhu asks Tiwari to calm down. Anu presents her poetry. Everyone appreciates her. Angoori also recites a poetry for Tiwari. Everyone stares at Angoori, because she recited a lame poetry. Vibhu and Tiwari starts to argue wether her poetry was good or not. Anu asks both to calm down. Now, Anu asks Tiwari to recite a poetry. Tiwari presents his poetry and everyone appreciates him. Teeka and Tillu walks in. Tiwari asks Teeka and Tillu why are they here? Tillu and Teeka tells him that they have an important work. Tillu spots Vibhu and calls him Karamchand. Angoori again gets angry. Tillu and Teeka again and again calls him Karamchand. Tillu and Teeka gives Vibhu the key to the car and leaves. Angoori gets up and leaves. Anu gets relieved and says, Angoori is alright. David also agreed with her. Angoori returns with a wooden baton and stares at Vibhu. Vibhu gets terrified. Angoori is still staring at him. Vibhu stands up and kneels down in front of Angoori. Angoori beats Vibhu with that baton and leaves after a while.

Anu is watching TV in her bedroom. Vibhu comes in and turns off the TV. Vibhu is frustrated and tells Anu that he wants to change his name. Anu again calls him Karamchand. Vibhu asks Anu, why don’t she care about him. Anu says that it’s all for her business. Vibhu warns Anu that if she doesn’t change his name back to Vibhu, he’ll leave her and Kanpur forever. Anu calls Tiwari and tells him that Vibhu want’s to change his name back, so call Ramfal. Tiwari says it’s not profitable for their business. Anu says, she can’t help it and hangs up the call. Tiwari also gets frustrated. Angoori asks Tiwari what happened? Tiwari tells Angoori to go to sleep.

Angoori is preparing food in her kitchen. Vibhu shows up with his face hidden by a blanket. Angoori asks Vibhu why is he carrying a blanket with him? Vibhu tells her that he’s not feeling well. Angoori gets scared and asks if he’s suffering from pneumonia? Vibhu says, the report hasn’t came yet. Vibhu is hiding his face from everyone passing by. Angoori asks Vibhu, why is he hiding his face from everyone? Vibhu tells Angoori that he don’t want to share his fever with every one and leaves.

David, Anu, Tiwari and Ramfal are sitting together. Anu asks Ramfal for another solution. Ramfal says, it’s kind of impossible because if they change the name,.they will have to face a lot of loss. Anu says, there is no need to change the name. David denies with Anu. Tiwari asks David, why is he taking so much burden of it? David says, why shouldn’t he? Anu tells David, if she will go through loss, his 10% will get cancelled. David also says, there’s no need to change name.

Anu and Vibhu are standing in their balcony. Anu asks Vibhu, what’s the problem in the new name? Vibhu asks Anu, do she know the problem? Anu denies. Vibhu tells Anu that she’s blind because of her business. Anu tells Vibhu, that Angoori is only beating him with a wooden baton and not with any swords or metal rods. Vibhu asks Anu if she’s waiting for that only? Anu tells Vibhu that his name will not get changed and leaves. Vibhu starts crying.

Angoori is sitting in her garden. Vibhu shows up and greets him. Angoori asks Vibhu if he’s feeling well? Vibhu says, he’s quite well but if she talks about his fever more, he’ll suffer even more. Angoori gets scared. Dr. Gupta also comes in asks Angoori, who’s suffering from fever, he’ll get him cured within seconds. Vibhu hides his face. Angoori was about to tell him about Vibhu but, Vibhu tells her not to. So, Angoori makes an excuse. Dr Gupta leaves. Vibhu continues to explain Angoori how he’s feeling during this fever by poetries. Angoori  says that she didn’t get a word. Vibhu slams his head on the wall.

Vibhu says it’s better other beat me then Angoori. David says to Tiwari you know your wife is stupid and what if we act infront of her.
Tiwari says to Angoori now you won’t hit Karamchand because he is innocent so stop hitting him. Vibhu says I think our plan succed. Angoori walks to him and start hitting him with stick.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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